Bullet to the Head Review

“I'm Sorry, Did That Hurt?”

February 2nd, 2013

Bullet to the Head is a 2013 crime action movie.

Directed by: Walter Hill.

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang and Jason Momoa.

Well, if you were wondering about the title, it goes in the literal sense. It's 2013 and old school action heroes such as Schwarzenegger and Stallone are still alive and kicking butt. In Arnie's case, his problem, which a lot of experts agree on, is that he returned with a movie just to announce that politics are over, and acting is back on the table. I enjoyed The Last Stand, but Stallone returned with films such as a new Rocky, bringing the story of Rambo full circle and Expendables, among other projects, to reacquire his old fan-base and a new group of followers.

What is Bullet to the Head about? Well, aside from bad guys actually getting some lead in the brain, it's the usual gun for hire being betrayed and decides to hunt down the rich corrupt people and all the henchman with dirty cops just to prove a point. We've seen it before, but there's always an audience to satisfy with these movies. My only concern with this action movies is the constant substitution with practical effects utilizing blood to CGI blood spatter technology. Given the six zeroes involved in the budget, you'd expect them to be able to hire quality labor behind the computer screen.

The pacing can be slow at times, but the action is entertaining, the humor is consistent and appealing to us since it's Stallone, plus, it has a recurring theme, though overused, fits perfectly with the ambiance. If it's one thing I've noticed from all these movies Stallone has been doing in the past decade, is that he tries to pit old school vs the next generation. Sung Kang is the perfect example of a character that represents you and me in the 18-35 demographic. My only concern is his constant use of a Black Berry. Then you have grandpa fighting Momoa, which can force some chuckles in your system, but hey, gotta love watching the old man teach the new kids a lesson.

Overall, it's February, and movies around this time aren't to be expected for stellar entertainment, but enough fun to spend time with friends, and NOT to take your eight year old.

Written by: Bawnian©-Dexeus.


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  • bawnian-dexeus • 3 years ago

    @skywise No problem.


    • skywise • 3 years ago

      Good review but I think I will be holding off on this one.


      • corey • 3 years ago

        I'd rather take a bullet to the head than waste my time on this rehashed garbage. Good review though dude.


        • the-movieghost • 3 years ago

          Nice job, as usual dude. From the advertisements I've seen, Stallone looked to be enjoyable in this but nothing extraordinary. In all honesty, the biggest reason I wanted to see this was because of Momoa's casting.

          That and because when I first saw this movie's trailer... I had just finished rewatching the first Season of Game of Thrones :P


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