Burzynski Reviews

  • Clogged with court transcripts, medical records and repetitive (if moving) patient testimony, Burzynski tickles the mind only at the cost of trampling the eyes.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • Eric Merola, a former art director of commercials, is either unusually credulous, or doesn't understand the difference between a documentary and an advertisement, or has an undisclosed relationship with the subject of his allegedly nonfiction first film.

    Ella Taylor — Village Voice

  • Despite its infotainment look, Burzynski ultimately proves convincing.

    Ronnie Scheib — Variety

  • When I want to see an infomercial, I'll turn on my TV in the middle of the night. I definitely won't pay good money to see one in a theater.

    V.A. Musetto — New York Post

  • Merola unleashes a barrage of information, including much testimony from grateful patients, but he could have made an even more effective film had he paused to summarize each phase in Burzynski's long ordeal.

    Kevin Thomas — Los Angeles Times

  • Burzynski may have credibility in the eyes of some, but the movie about him has no credibility, so no one will be receptive to its message.

    Mark Keizer — Boxoffice Magazine

  • A bio-pic of Biblical proportions featuring a showdown of Dr. David versus a government Goliath!

    Kam Williams — NewsBlaze

  • Burzynski is the kind of should've-been-important picture that you damn with the faintest praise: It means well.

    Chuck Bowen — Slant Magazine

  • Provocative, eye-opening and riveting, but not well-balanced or thorough enough to persuade simple-minded skeptics of alternative treatments.

    Avi Offer — NYC Movie Guru

  • The film offers a jolting examination of the hideous collusion between federal agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Phil Hall — Film Threat

  • Through all the fuzzy science, Merola sees a savior; you'll see a dull editorial masquerading as objective reporting.

    S. James Snyder — Time Out

  • A dry, albeit elaborate, PowerPoint presentation, better suited for a legal or medical conference than a movie theater.

    Annlee Ellingson — Moving Pictures Magazine

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