Can't Hardly Wait (1998)

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Now that the graduation ceremony is over at Huntington Hills High, it's time for the real festivities to begin at the graduation party, where an assortment of jocks, geeks, prom queens, bimbos, headbangers and misfits will unload four years' worth of emotional baggage. Aspiring writer Preston Meyers (Embry) has been in love with beautiful class knockout Amanda Beckett (Hewitt) since the first time he laid eyes on her during their freshman year. His tormented infatuation with Amanda has intensified throughout high school and culminates at the party, where Preston must now seize this final opportunity to proclaim his love for her before he leaves town for Boston the next day. Preston decides to make his move at some point during the party, a particularly auspicious occasion since Amanda has just been dumped by her super-jock boyfriend, Mike Dexter (Facinelli). Mike broke up with his sweet Amanda so he could be free to pursue his testosterone-charged fantasies with college women.

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Can't Hardly Wait Cast Want a Reunion Movie

Can't Hardly Wait Cast Want a Reunion Movie

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry thinks it's time to bring the cast of the 1998 cult comedy hit Can't Hardly Wait back together.
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