Captain America: The First Avenger Review

“America! F*@#% YEAH!”

October 30th, 2011

Wow i must say its been awhile movie web, my absence has made me as some would say a "man out of time" (comic refrence) (psst there will be alot of those fair warning dear reader) Unfortunatly readers both young and old Blaze is back with a vengence (or rather a "Spirit" of vengence... told ya) so strap in hide the Cheezits and read on at your own risk.

Due to the fact that ive been both a fan and reader of ol Buckaneer boots for over twenty years i will spit this movie into to parts as a movie fan and comic fan.


Captain America is everything a summer blockbuster should be. A likable underdog hero,Witty yet forgettable dialogue, And great eye candy in the way of big explosions,big action, and in the case of Hayley Atwell... big..... Acting chops taking on her first lead female role.

All the set pieces are here and in great form as we get not one but two Hollywood legends in the form of Huggo Weaving and the almost flawless Tommy Lee jones (We havent forgotton "Man of the house" just yet Tommy)

Chris Evans hero portrayal of a young enthusiastic Shrimp (who looks like he could be the third Olsen twin, Or would that be triplet?) Is the real draw here as mr. Evans has come a long way from his role of a jock with Whip cream nipples("Not another teen movie")

Overall the Movie is enjoyable and moves at a decent pace unlike some other "Superhero" movies to release the same year 'Cough'... Green Lantern' ...Cough or zzzzzz... First class... zzzzz.

Anyone looking for a fun action adventure should def check this or Cap's brother in arms in the form of the equaly good Thor film.


Let me start by sharing if i may what made me love Captain America as a character (dont worry you still have time to watch family guy reruns on tivo)

It was a Captain America comic book from the early 90's. No big double issue or hollowgraphic cover as i remember during that time period but in it Cap is alone in a Stadium boxing ring litterally surrounded by hundreds of Supervillians from all walks of life including Rino,Stiltman, Shocker, Barbella, as well as dozen others closing in on him, Cap being the hero that he is, Engages them with no hesitation and in full force, causing some of the first attackers to back off and "let someone else" go first. While swarms of Super powered villians close in and try to overwelm him the writer takes us into Caps thought procces during the fight. "I hope Diamond and Falcon are alright" were the only words that are said in Caps little thought bubble. As it turns out Caps only concern is not for himself, But for his friends during the overwelming melee. In that moment I instantly became i die hard fan. That Self sacrifice and Fearless thought procces is was makes Cap the hero that HERO'S look up to and is somthing that Joe Johnston captures in this fim beautifully.

Like most of you i had my douts about this movie, between the comments made from the director saying that it isint a superhero movie to the fact that they did not cast the role to my number one pick Sam Worthington not to mention the first three Captain America movies from the 70's and 90's were not very succesful. ("America" had'ent been this ashamed since making New Jersey part of the country)

Fortunatly with the help of Chris Evens breakthru performance which is both commanding and believable putting him a close third as the best actor to playing a comic hero (Hugh Jackman being first, Ron Pearlman second in my humble opinion)

Fans of the comic will be pleasently suprised at all the little references to the monthly book such as Zola' "Mirror" first appearence as well as the Bucky holding Caps shield refrence to "Bucky Cap", seriosly theres more fan service here then a ten doller hooker at a L.A Comic convention.

While a polar opposite to the now Untouchable Dark knight this movie will have fans of all ages squeling like a school girl with every Shield toss. Aside from Iron man this is the definive Marvel movie so make it yours as ive made it mine.

The Good: Everything.

The Bad: This movies predecessors.

The Ugly: The solo film of my other favorite comic book hero Wolverine, Seriosly that movie makes Jersey shore look like the Godfather. Although in Godfather there was only ONE Horse face in it. OHHHH!! and on that note im out of here! (children applause)


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  • comicbookfan • 4 years ago

    @johnnyblazetb82 Great review buddy. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long for my reply even though I said I'd pounce on it like Wolverine alone with Jean (or is it Jean alone with Wolverine? -raises eyebrow- lol).

    I caught all the references and even the not-so-subtle quip to Atwell's hooters, and even though we haven't forgotten "Man of the House," suffice it to say, we have forgotten "Batman Forever." It's also funny you mention "Not Another Teen Movie," I was going to mention that as well, but at least you said whip cream nipples and not the banana split butt crack from the unrated extended version of said movie.

    I never read Cap so it's nice to get a fan's perspective on the film. Now, to dust off my 2 month old copy of my Cap review and post it. Needs some touching up first though. Again, good job Blaze! I'm surprised you aint gettin more luv on this review.


    • Number1Wolverine • 5 years ago

      @johnnyblazetb82 - The thing about Captain America is i didn't want it to be just another summer blockbuster, i think we as an audience get too many of those. I would have like this film to have gone a little like Terminator 2, have all the big action necessary to call it a blockbuster but still have the silent over all backbone to a bigger purpose. I was hoping that it would tough on the subject of war a little bit more, and how it not only affects the world but a persons own personally beliefs to how he now see the world.

      If we could have seen more of an inner struggle with Steve beliefs in hating bullies and how he would go about it if the only way to defeat this bully (being The Red Skull) was to kill him how would he go about it. that's something i think was truly missing overall even though we got shots here and there that showed Rogers heroism. Some disagree but i think The Red Skull (Hugo) was one of the best parts of the film, and yes Tommy Lee Jones & Hayley Atwell were both flawless in their Performance.

      I don't agree with you about First Class, now First Class isn't perfect but i actually think if Matthew Vaughn and his team of writers would have work on Captain America then it would have been a better film. As First Class had the inner plot of Magneto revenge that really drive the character is something i feel was missing in Cap. And OMG, Sam Worthington was your pick for Cap ;(. But at least we agree that Hugh Jackman is a favorite of ours to play a comic book character, yay lol. And hopefully they redeem themselves with The Wolverine movie coming out but until then bub.


      • twistedsmile • 5 years ago

        I loved this movie. Well done sir.


        • johnnyblazetb82 • 5 years ago

          @ChiRep-1 much obliged bub, i was in a bit of a hurry when i wrote this so its def not my best, And This is a great flick im glad you enjoyed it as well.


          • ChiRep-1 • 5 years ago

            Good review, I bummed out all day after a rough Halloween weekend and rewatched this. definitely better the second time.


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