Cats and Dogs (2001)

Cats and Dogs Synopsis

Unbeknownst to humans, the struggle for world domination between cats and dogs has been held in check by an uneasy truce. But that period of peace is about to disintegrate. A power-mad Persian cat, Mr. Tinkles, has broken from the fray to lead a massive feline movement against man's best friend. The crack canine agents, who have been protecting the entire human race, are in trouble. One of their top field dogs has been put out of commission and they have been forced to employ the use of a rookie Beagle puppy agent named Lou.

As the maniacal Mr. Tinkles and his army of highly trained soldiers begin a mass mobilization, the fate of humankind rests in the paws of a young pup that has yet to prove himself in battle. With mercenaries, assassins and secret agents running amok, will puppy love and ingenuity be enough to save the world?

This isn't cute. This isn't cuddly. This is war!

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