Chronicle Review

“What A To Take A Great Idea And Ruin It”

February 4th, 2012

Chronicle is a great take in the super powers comic book style genre. However, it was all ruined by the found footage craze, which movies like Paranormal Activity blew this whole shit up. The thing about found footage movies is that your always required to wait a while before everything jumps start into high gear. The pay off must be perfect in order for these types of movies to make it. Chronicle failed to deliver any good pay off. These three morons spent most of the time partying, doing dumb shit with there powers and it didn't even matter once the action started. If this dumbass movie would've just done a regular filmed movie, then this would have been a very good movie. A musical score for Chronicle would have gave it so much depth and feeling to it, instead of this soulless piece of shit. Fuck this movie.


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