Citizen Gangster Reviews

  • A good-looking but passionless affair that remains stubbornly aloof from its audience.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • Morlando shows commendable focus (even Cox dials it down), and his movie's modest aspirations nicely reflect the condition in which Boyd, his damaged charisma spent, finally thrives.

    Mark Holcomb — Village Voice

  • As good as Citizen Gangster is, it would be even better if you could understand the dialogue.

    Rex Reed — New York Observer

  • Morlando has chosen to approach this material not with witty cynicism, but with quiet, and at times leaden, sincerity.

    Farran Smith Nehme — New York Post

  • Inspired by Boyd's story, rather than literally retelling it, the movie is less a gangster film than an existential allegory of choices and limitations.

    Liam Lacey — Globe and Mail

  • Morlando has crafted a stylishly shot and evocatively designed period piece. But it's the dashing, quietly charismatic Speedman who proves the main draw, holding our attention even when the movie doesn't.

    Gary Goldstein — Los Angeles Times

  • "Citizen Gangster" is not exactly riveting. Speedman does the best he can in the title role. He gives his character life even as the sub par script drags us along.

    Paul Chambers — Movie Chambers

  • The true moments of tension and danger in this film sing, and some moments, big and small, will haunt the viewer.

    Clay Steakley — Paste Magazine

  • With no firm hand guiding the proceedings, this potentially interesting slice of Canadian history winds up feeling like just another "Crime Doesn't Pay" PS

    Ethan Alter — Television Without Pity

  • How could the tale of Toronto's most flamboyant bank robber be turned into such a blah, seen-it-all-before film?

    David Noh — Film Journal International

  • Citizen Gangster hits its marks when it's exploding the character's larger-than-life status, aided in large part by Speedman's career-best turn.

    John Semley — AV Club

  • Writer-director Nathan Morlando leeches every last bit of color from the frame, until the world around Boyd looks so dreary and drab you can almost understand his desire to liven the place up with a little theatrical mayhem.

    Matt Singer — Time Out

  • [VIDEO] Everything about "Citizen Gangster" seems second-rate.

    Cole Smithey —

  • Its commentary on our fascination with law-breakers is virtually nonexistent, except to the extent that the film itself revels in the doomed romanticism of its own protagonist.

    Nick Schager — Slant Magazine

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