Clash of the Titans Review

“Clash Of The Titans Is A Bastardization Of Just About Everything To Do With The Perseus Story.”

March 30th, 2012

Clash of the Titans is a bastardization of just about everything to do with the Perseus story. While Clash of the Titans takes the myth of Perseus and other stories in Greek mythology, it takes too many matters into its own hands by reimagining a large portion of the mythology. This didn't go by too well with me. Ever since the seventh grade Greek mythology has been a large interest of mine. In 2010, Clash of the Titans was one of my most anticipated films of the first half of the year. I can tell you at first that I did enjoy the movie, but now just days before the sequel's release I viewed the film a second time and I honestly can't believe all of the flaws I missed here within the mythology.

By all means, Clash of the Titans isn't as terrible as a lot make it out to be. Surely, it ruins a lot of the story that fans of Greek mythology cherish, but Clash does exactly as it goaled itself to; to entertain. If you can't get past the flaws deep inside the story of the film, some of the bad acting, and a lot of the silliness, Clash of the Titans makes due for nice quality entertainment. The CGI and special effects worked on the film aren't spectacular, but they are decent eye-candy that'll keep audiences in visual wonder. A couple of scenes here in the film do help Clash steer its way out of the "terrible" category and instead pushes forward to the below average corner.

It's a shame too because the potential this film had at being great was sky high. Everybody was looking forward to it for many different reasons. The first was that it had the awesome, action-packed trailer that drove in the action junkies. Second, the film had a leading star in it that just walked away from the highest-grossing film of all-time (Sam Worthington, Avatar). Of course people wanted to see Worthington in another big-screen spectacle only a couple of months after Avatar. Thirdly, Greek mythology always sets itself in potential of being a great film. Greek mythology is something that a large portion of being love reading about, hearing about, and especially watching on the big-screen (unless they destroy the very mythology). Clash of the Titans of course drives itself off a cliff far away from all the strong potential that it had. Where did it REALLY go wrong though?

Clash of the Titans is just a horribly made film. The director had no intention of seeking out any interest in making this film look dazzling, look spectacular, and be amazing. He was lazy, if you ask me. Then again, not all the blame can be held on the director. The screenwriters had a lot to do with the downfall of the film as well. The screenplay is unbelievably corny and contains some of the worst dialogue ever graced to the screen. The film tries much too hard to make itself out as epic and spectacular through a lot of different monologues that try much too hard to grasp intensity and stronghold.

I don't care what anyone says; Liam Neeson does NOT fit the role of Zeus at all whatsoever. The only positive aspect I ever hear that comes from Clash is the fact that Neeson was casted in the role of the great leader of Olympus. WRONG! Neeson may have that strong and epically power voice but his acting skills and look just were not enough to transform himself into the Greek god known to so many. Quite personally, he was just an awkward choice of casting and was incredibly misplaced in each and every scene. Not just that but the character development of Zeus here was a smack to the face to any fans of Greek mythology. They made him to an angry and cruel tyrant. Zeus loved the Humans and never had intention to be cruel to them. He wanted to teach them a lesson, yes, but the film never grasped the idea that Zeus was never so evil with his goals.

Perseus story was destroyed for the most part and the film almost jumps around between his entire mythologies. Curious sparks my mind to what the sequel will do to poor Perseus. Clash of the Titans didn't need to be the next great thing that I think the makers of the film were trying to make it out to be. All it needed to be was mindless entertainment. It is that for about half of the film but the other half was missing this well-enough concept. Instead, they tried too hard making it good where unfortunately it turned out oh-so bad! So, what are my thoughts on Wrath of the Titans? Based on what I've seen from the trailers it does look like a step-up. Then again, I don't want an action-packed, well-made trailer to fool me again this time. I'm going to walk in and expect a decent film that has to do with Greek mythology. Hopefully it can save the mess this film was.

Thanks for the read!

-Written by Corey Wood


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