Clash of the Titans Review

“One Of The Worst Attempted Remakes.”

April 14th, 2010

This movie would've been ok if they wouldn't have made it out to be a remake of the original Clash of the Titans. It has nothing in common with it. The owl from the original was there maybe 2 seconds. Where in the movie was he trying to win over Andromeda? What happened to the other gods helping him? What about the 3 headed dog and the other gods even getting in on the action? None of it appears in this.

The acting was ok I guess. They could've picked someone better to play perseus that doesn't look like a modern day army marine. It could've definitely been better and it looks like they went pretty cheap with the costumes. The visual effects were actually pretty good in this one especially the kraken and medusa which I was happy about. Too bad they strayed so far from the original movie and the actual myth that this movie just became a long drawn out random film with a weird and unsatisfying ending.


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