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The sequel to the 1994 independent hit picks up 10 years later. It's about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s. It's time for the Dante and Randal to actually grow up and do something more than just sit around and dissect pop culture and talk about sex.

Clerks II News
Jay and Silent Bob Talk Clerks II
Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith on coming back to play their famous alter egos.
EXCLUSIVE: Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson In Clerks II
Dante and Randall are back in the sequel to Kevin Smith's classic 1994 hit film.
Rosario Dawson Signs Up For Killshot & Passion of the Clerks
Johnny Knoxville and Joseph Gordon-Levitt also in talks for Killshot.
Kevin Smith on the latest from Clerks 2
The production begins in September.
Kevin Smith gives an update on Passion of the Clerks
...the director gives up some juicy details
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