Cloverfield Review

“Cloverfield Is An Unhinged Thrill Ride! ”

January 20th, 2008

Cloverfield Rocked!

This genre movie provides resonating jolts of fear and suspense that is maintained with panache by director Reeves with his blender editing assault that complements the creature's carnage.

The monster was truly horrific in design, gradual reveals and creeping movements. The copious damage was incredible..the lobbed, decapitated statue of liberty head heralded: "I'm Here, I'm Wreaking Phucking Havoc!" Genuine, out of nowhere shocks of fear. Good pacing.

Downside: The first twenty minutes of character setup was gratuitous and boring like an episode of The Hills or pick any soap. I still didn't care about any of the characters...Once the monster showed up, however, the movie is a really good monster movie, totally irony free.

The other downside is the shaky, handheld video camera style the whole movie is shot in. Initially, it started to piss me off, but, I got use to it once the monster/payoff started up. I think that the first act/character exposition part should have been shot regular, then switched to shaky handheld camera for the duration of the movie.

The long, looking upwards shot from a victim's perspective was awesome! It provided the menacing scale, incredible one on one terror and the more than a fleeting glance/visual reward that a monster genre movie needs to deliver. This movie has two parts psychological to one part manifest dynamic that works.

This excellent monster genre movie is well worth seeing, there is alot of payoff. The way it is shot will be the deal breaker for some moviegoers.

Two thumbs up!

ABO critique:

This is one sad reportage of Comic-Con'08. I have a receipt, can I get my time back?

When gifted (expenses & access to celebrities of all grades A-z) by MovieWeb to review the preeminent comic/movie/TV convention that only now presages future popular culture, - Corey Feldman/Katey Seagal worship, diatribes on security greviances, rampant Joker homages and pretzel vendor issues leave me high and dry.

If you're a movie/TV/comic book fan given a free ride to experience and review the gamut of highs and lows of the premier pop convention featuring the spectrum of media talent, wouldn't you want to know more about the property plot points and star minutiae than myopic convention injustices?

Getting the chance to meet, let alone interview, celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connely, Kristen Stewart, Frank Miller, Samuel Jackson, JJ Abrams, Rhona Mitra, Jason Statham, etc. would give me the inkling that other fans/obsessives would like THAT vicarious blogging rush of meet your heroes/sex objects/yet they are real people Review that lets the ardent consumer have a hint of the manufactured promised land.

You had to wait 40 minutes in line for a picture with a Sleestak/Peg Bundy (is there a difference?) It's somewhat humorous and relatable, but, should be a frame or puncuated flippancy instead of the substance of your remarks.

I think that your average genre guy or girl wants a semblance of an insider perspective of whether McG's Terminator Salvation sequel/cash cow will return to Cameron's brilliance, whether Twilight is just another trumped up preteen filmic fleecing, whether The Watchmen panel bespoke of the story scope and movie adaption compromise and/or is Kiefer Sutherland through with drunk driving long enough to grant the brothers Corey a polite nod when passing them at the Lost Boys2: the Tribe blasphemy booth?

A few points are right...the temp hired to walk around as Wonder Woman is hot and a fat, resigned Skeletor in the last picture is funny.

Lastly, what's with all of the nerd condemnation and hypocrisy in this or any weekly coverage? Is it a reach for above it all cool? Alex B. Orange is as big a fan/nerd as any typical Movie Web devotee (7 San Diego Comic Cons in a row). That kind of derision is contradictory to what this website is about. Sheer Fan adulation of entertainment.


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