Cloverfield Review

""I Would Have Been Killed, You Were Just Bit""

After all the reviews that have been popping up all over net for this movie, I was debating not seeing it at all nor reviewing it if I had; however there are a few things I would like to challenge and possibly clear up.

While I know a lot of people were challenging the acting abilities of these characters, they were actually very convincing and very real. I don't think the director could of asked for much better out of them, plus without the "brand name" actors it makes it more believable that something like this could happen to the "average joes" of the world.

Also quite a few people were challenging the fact that the camera should have died based on the pure fact that the movie duration was a 7 hour period, which would be a superiorly long life time for a battery, also unrealistic. What a lot of people are forgetting is the fact that the ENTIRE movie is based from that camera's viewpoint, and lets count this together people, the movie is 80 minutes long, which would mean that the camera was only ON for not even an hour and a half, to which the other 5 and a half hours he "could" have had the camera off..

Now for some things I had a problem with...

(Spoiler Alert)*********

In the movie, the actors are "attacked" in the subway tunnel by some of the little "creatures" and manage to get away. What I find a lil farfetched is the fact that once they pull themselves together in the storage room, NO ONE picks up a weapon or ANYTHING to protect themselves when they make the decision to go top-side once again. It is my belief that in a life or death situation, self preservation is the only thing on one's mind, so taking something to protect themselves would have been smart.

Another thing that I had a BIG problem with is that when they do climb 59 floors to cross the building and rescue beth, they proceed to pull her what seemed to be lifeless body off a 1/2 inch piece of rebar which was sticking straight up through her chest above her heart, and SHE LIVED. In that situation, it would be rare that she would be alive at all, and the only reason for her being alive in that rare case is because the rebar is stopping her from bleeding to death.

After this part, the once immobile beth proceeded to run down 59 flights of stairs and then open sprint through the street without any help, quite an impressive feat for someone with a hole through their chest. She was also the most active person alive once the helicopter crashed which was also surprising.

I had a problem with the helicopter crash as well. Although it was very real looking during the filming, why would the monster, after getting bombed, jump up and bite the helicopter? I was originally thinking the people were gonna somehow make it out, or the monster would throw something at them or swat at them, but no... he proceeds to jump up and bite the helicopter. yea..

One last thing I kind of was questioning during the movie but it wasn't that big of a deal to me was the fact that when the "monster" was standing over Hud at end of the movie, before eating him, why wasn't it dropping its little henchman all over like earlier in the movie?

Overall it was not the worst movie I have ever seen but also not the best.. I would give it a solid B for some great visuals and some pretty solid acting.

Oh and as for the first person viewpoint and the motion sickness attributed to it, I dont think it was all that bad. Aside from the opening scenes in the apartment, I had no problem with the shaking of the camera.

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