Cloverfield Review

"This Movie Was Terrific!"

Hello and Welcome to this review of Cloverfield. I'm Cpt Sledge Hammer, and I thank you for joining me. Cloverfield was much better than I thought it would be. The visuals were great and the scene where the monster attacked the city was as scary as hell. It's no Godfather, but if you like Monster Movies, This is defiantly worth checking out. The film did take awhile to gain it's full momentum, but when the monster attacked the city, things really got good, and they stayed that way throughout the film. The shaky camera didn't bother me that much, for that just made it more realistic. The acting however, was not as convincing. It was very mediocure, and didn't help the film at all. If you have motion sickness, I wouldn't reccomend it, otherwise, I think you'll have a good time.

Cloverfield gets a 10/10

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