A gang of neo-fascist thugs, led by the self-proclaimed 'Night Slasher', are breaking into people's homes & cars, then killing them at random. When of of these thugs holds up a food store & takes hostages, Lt. Marian Cobretti (Stallone) - an intense, take-no-prisoners cop, is brought onto the scene to end the hostage-taking. Ranting bizarrely about a 'New World', the man levels a sawed-off shotgun at Cobretti, who hits him with a knife, then guns him down when the man refuses to put down his weapon. Later that night, another murder occurs, attributed to the Night Slasher - and the next day, another one. This one is witnessed by a young woman, Ingrid Knutsen (Nielsen). She drives away before the thugs can kill her, but it isn't long before some creepy-looking people start making attempts on her life - and Cobretti's. Cobretti plans to move the only witness to the blood spree upstate, but with inside information, the thugs follow them. And a battle for survival rages between Cobretti and the thugs...


Our Soju Army is going back twenty years into the Past to track the top box office draws from the summer of 1986. Each new commentary will match the number one film of the week on the exact day of its release. How is this possible? Simple, Mantooth and Orange managed to create a time machine out of a Coleman's Beer Cooler (fueled by tasty hops, no less). So, grab one of the handles and holler as these kids trip back through film history...

Today, B. Alan Orange, Mantooth, and Paulington find themselves hanging out with Sly Stallone at his private screening room in Brentwood, California for a special sneak peek at what is supposed to be his next big Franchise launching film: COBRA! Oh, boy, do they have some career advice for the once golden Italian Stallone...And then some! Running time is 91 minutes. Date on the Cooler is set at May 23, 1986 where Cobra drew in $15,652,147 at the box office to become the number 1 film of the weekend, beating out newcomers Poltergeist 2: The Other Side and Top Gun.

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