Cop Out Review

“Decent Funny Homage For Classic Cop-movies.”

May 4th, 2010

I think people expected too much of this. I agree, the story has a lot of gaps and it's flaws but it isn't the worst it's actually decent. The dialogue isn't bad, some jokes are over-used but there are pretty funny scenes like for example the one in the car between the 2 cops and the guy who robbed them and so on. As far as character inter-relationship it explores the oldest great cop-movies handling various states of relationship. Besides the the plot it's above mediocre but hilarious I mean ... people always expect much more (including myself) but we have to be realistic that these days it's pretty hard for someone to deliver a brand new idea because we've got about 100 years of film-making and storytelling.

As far as acting Bruce Willis does his job well pulling out a pretty nice character but Tracy Morgan was the problem. As much as I like him, he was more over-acting but still hilarious at points. Because of him sometimes you have the impression that these two guys don't have such a good chemistry, but like I said that's just in some of the scenes were Morgan over-acts. The most hilarious character in this movie was definitely Dave played by Seann William Scott.

The editing of the movie was ok but the cinematography was a little bit washed-up once he used the shaky-camera way of filming. The music was so and so... I mean I'm always into the score of the movies I watch, I think music is very important in a movie and here the music simply not delivers constantly. It has big ups and downs through the movie.

The overall point is that the movie might seem ridiculous at one point, might have flaws and serious gaps and might lack of originality but it's a decent funny homage to old cop-movies and must be treated fair. I support this movie because I had plenty of moments where I was laughing though some really "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off" scenes missed.

Storyline: 6/10.

Acting: 6,5/10.

Art Direction/Editing: 6,5/10.

Cinematography: 6/10.

Score: 6/10.

Humor: 7,5/10


Overall: 6,4

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