Based on Neil Gaiman's international best-selling book, "Coraline" is the story of a young girl (voiced by Fanning) who unlocks a mysterious door in her new home, and enters into an adventure in a parallel reality. On the surface, this other world eerily mimics her own life - though much more fantastical. In it, Coraline encounters such off-kilter inhabitants as the morbidly funny Miss Forcible and Miss Spink (French and Ms. Saunders, respectively), and a counterfeit mother (Hatcher) - who attempts to keep her. Ultimately, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to get back home.

McShane will voice the role of Mr. Bobinski, an irascible, beet-eating Russian giant who lives upstairs from Coraline's "home" in the parallel reality.

The popular music group They Might Be Giants ("TMBG") will provide songs for the film.

18 Best Scary Movies for Kids

18 Best Scary Movies for Kids

Halloween is around the corner and that means three things...Scares, candy and movies! Half the fun of this grand holiday isn't what happens on Halloween night. It's the preparation. In order to truly appreciate this holiday, one must get all of their horrific ducks in a row. Whether you delve deeply into the phantasmagorical. Or, merely enjoy Halloween-esque movies, October 31st has something for EVERYONE.

It would be very easy to write a list of this sort and include nothing but truly trembling offerings. However, what often gets lost is the idea that just because a scary film doesn't include Jason, Freddy, or Michael, doesn't mean that automatically disqualifies it from being a scary film. A movie can be creepy and be fun. It can be weird and entertaining. Quite simply, Halloween movies come in all shapes and sizes.

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Henry Selick to Direct ‘ShadeMaker’

A recent job posting on has revealed that Coraline director Henry Selick is next directing the 3D stop-motion feature ShadeMaker for the recently launched Cinderbiter Productions.

Henry Selick is seeking a storyboard supervisor for the film. Here are the following requirements if you are interested in the job.

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82nd Academy Award Winners!

The Academy has spoken...check out the full list of winners of the 82nd Academy Awards below!

Miracle Fish was released in 2009.

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The ‘82nd Annual Academy Award’ Nominations Are In!

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Sid Ganis and Oscar-nominated actress Anne Hathaway arose early this morning to announce The 82nd Annual Academy Award nominations. Avatar tied with The Hurt Locker for most recognized film of 2009, with both garnering nine nominations each.

Oscars will be given out when The 82nd Annual Academy Award airs live on Sunday, March 7th from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Only on ABC. This year, a total of ten films were nominated for best picture.

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‘Coraline’ Studio Cuts Computer Animation Jobs

Nike co-founder Phil Knight's Portland-based film studio, Laika, laid off 63 people in its computer animation department Friday, to focus exclusively on stop-motion features, reports The Oregonian.

The studio's first film was the stop-motion picture Coraline, which earned $120.2 million at the worldwide box office.

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SDCC 2009: Full Friday Schedule Released!

Comic-Con has just released the full Friday schedule for this year's festivities. You can CLICK HERE to see the full schedule of events, but we have all the film, DVD and TV events below.

Friday, July 24

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BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘He's Just Not That Into You’ Gets Into $27.4 Million for First Place

This weekend belonged to the rom-com. Warner Brother's latest star-fueled charmer He's Just Not That Into You took in an estimated $27.4 million over the last three days to become the top grossing film at the box office. Last weekend's number one film Taken, an action drama starring Liam Neeson, slid into the number two spot with another $20.3 million to its name. Thus far, this little film has earned a cumulative total of $53 million with hardly any promotional push.

Three other new films opened this weekend to varying results. The Henry Selick stop-motion adventure Coraline came in at number three with $16.3 million. Will this be enough to save Laika House, the animation production company responsible for the film? Only time will tell. In at number four was Steve Martin's franchise sequel The Pink Panther 2, which brought in $12 million. This was way down from the original's opening. In 2006 The Pink Panther brought in $20 million to become the number one film on its February opening weekend.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Henry Selick & Neil Gaiman Bring ‘Coraline’ to Life!

Coraline comes to life this Friday, February 6th, 2009.

Coraline was released February 6th, 2009.

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