Coronado (2003)

Coronado Poster
    Release Date
    Claudio Fäh
    Kristin Dattilo, Clayton Rohner, Michael Lowry, John Rhys-Davies, Daniel Zacapa, Gary Cervantes

    Coronado Synopsis

    Claire Winslow (Dattilo) had everything she wanted in life: a beautiful Beverly Hills home and a loving fianc�, Will (Michael Lowry). But when Claire decides to surprise her fianc� on his business trip to Switzerland, the surprise is on her. Will has disappeared to the volatile Central American country of El Coronado. Determined to track Will down, Claire lands in El Coronado and finds a country on the brink of revolution against dictator Presidente Ramos (Rhys-Davies). Suspecting Will has been kidnapped by rebels, she persuades feisty news reporter Arnet McClure (Rohner) to take her on an expedition, deep into rebel territory, to meet freedom fighter, Rafael (Quiros). When Claire uncovers a clue to her fiance�s disappearance and learns that he has been supplying arms to the rebel soldiers, she too gets involved with their cause. Together with Arnet and his TV crew, she embarks on a series of high adventures where Claire discovers her hidden talents as an action heroine. Chased, shot at, and bombed, Claire finally finds Will, only to discover that she has again been betrayed. She sets about to take revenge, joining the rebels ultimate assault on El Presidente's fortified palace with truly explosive results.

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