Cosmopolis Review

“A Brilliant Excercise In The Nihilism Of The Modern World, And The Technology That Weaves It Together.”

August 25th, 2012

A chilling spiderweb-like journey through the worldview of the downward spiral of a 28 year old billionaire, brilliantly protrayed by Robert Pattinson, who rationally experiences the simitaineous stagnation and destruction of the modern world by greed, human character flaws, revolution, sexual curiosity, mechinazation, urbaniziation, globalization, angst, personal paranoia, terrorism, information overloads and by the 21st Century demons of ultra-sophisticated modern technology that instantly interconnects the world. Cosmopolis draws inspiration from Taxi Driver (1976), Blow-Up (1966) and Persona (1966), this is Canadian director David Cronenberg's best film and will be his career-defining masterpiece. Cosmopolis is a dour, depressing, morbid, lavish, darkly funny, erotic, verbal, haunting, clausterphobic, existential, clinically cold, apocolyptic and yet exhillirating movie experience.

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