Daredevil Review

“Director's Cut Is SUPERIOR In Every Way.”

February 11th, 2008

I just love the Director's Cut of this film. Why didn't they just release this version unaltered in the first place? I thought it was smart, well written, well directed, and struck just the right tone for the material. Truly different from the theatrical cut, Ben Affleck manages to make you believe in Matt Murdock. Jennifer Garner is both effective and stunning as Elektra and Michael Clarke Duncan does solid supporting work.

What makes the Daredevil DC stand out for me is the way the film focuses on the lead character and pushes almost everything else to the background. Daredevil is intimate, and for the first time, this movie seems to be about what it would feel like to be that person who goes out at night and faces death with little or no thought for their own safety. The director's cut is more focused and features a better tone and a far more coherent story. Everything is in service of the story or the characters or creating a persuasive reality. You’re pulled into a story about people and about the defender of Hell's Kitchen. That's what the theatrical cut was missing. They even added better action sequences. The bar brawl is now one of the greatest screen comic book slugfests of all-time as is this movie. The DD DC ranks right there with Batman Begins as a dark anti-hero origin story done right.

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