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A mysterious plague causes the newly dead to rise from their graves and begin to eat the living in this horror remake, starring Ving Rhames and Sarah Polley. During the ruckus caused by all the zombies walking about, a group of humans takes refuge in a shopping mall. Polley plays a young nurse, and Rhames stars as Kenneth, a mall cop.

Dawn Of The Dead News
Dawn of the Dead feasts it's way to #1
...selling more then 1 million combined DVD and VHS units to zombiephiles across the country on Tuesday
CONTEST: Win the Dawn of the Dead on DVD!
...Halloween is the time for evil to take to the streets!
The Dawn of the Dead remake hits DVD on October 26th
...coming in an unrated version!
Features on the Dawn of the Dead DVD?
...some new bits on the zombie remake
USA to debut the first 10 minutes of DAWN OF THE DEAD on March 15th!
...complete and uncut
The official DAWN OF THE DEAD website launches!
...hordes of zombies...nowhere to hide...
A new DAWN OF THE DEAD teaser poster is here!
...the zombies are taking over
"It's sleeker, faster, and furrier..."
New images from DAWN OF THE DEAD!
...remaking a classic
New photos from DAWN OF THE DEAD online!
...the zombie remake is in full effect
The DAWN OF THE DEAD teaser one-sheet is here!
...zombify the world
2 new DAWN OF THE DEAD pics online!
...zombie madness has begun!
The DAWN OF THE DEAD remake trailer is here!
Flying zombies anyone?
A DAWN OF THE DEAD trailer description?
A sneak peek hits the web...
New DAWN OF THE DEAD remake photos online!
What's happening on the set of the film...
Take a look at the Japanese DAWN OF THE DEAD poster!
Remaking Romero...
The DAWN OF THE DEAD remake gets a PG-13 rating?
Let's hope not...
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