Day Zero


The U.S. military draft is back. You have 30 days to report... Day Zero follows the lives of three best friends in New York City who have 30 days to come to terms with their fate the draft is back and they've been called to serve. Dixon , Rifkin and Feller, who grew up together, live very different lives in the same city, but their childhood friendship still binds them. Rifkin (Chris Klein) is a married lawyer whose career is on the rise. He's just made partner and is looking for any loop hole to get out of serving. Now is just is not a good time for him. Feller (Elijah Wood) is working on his second novel. The first was a smash success, but his draft notice paralyzes him, causing severe writer's block. Instead he draws up his list of 'Top 10 Things to Do Before I Serve.' Dixon (Jon Bernthal) drives a cab, lives a solitary life and is proud and ready to serve - until he meets someone and finally has something to lose. Over 30 days, they will find their relationships tested as they confront long held beliefs about life, death, courage and love.

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Bernthal Discusses ‘Day Zero’

Jon Bernthal talks about his role, working alongside Elijah Wood and Chris Klein and his thoughts on the delayed Pinkville project.

Jon Bernthal has certainly risen through the acting ranks in a relatively short amount of time. Since his screen debut in 2002 he's risen past the guest starring roles of television up to roles in World Trade Center, The Air I Breathe and a sizeable role in the TV sitcom The Class. His latest project has him alongside Elijah Wood and Chris Klein in Day Zero. I had the chance to speak with the actor over the phone.

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EXCLUSIVE: Elijah Wood Talks ‘Day Zero’

Elijah Wood gives us the goods on his new character, his thoughts if the real draft were reinstated and his future projects.

Elijah Wood obviously doesn't let success get to his head. After starring in one of the biggest movie franchises in history, you know, the one with that Ring... you would've thought he would ride off into Action-Hero-Land and never look back. Thankfully, he hasn't and continues to impress us with his depth in unique roles in smaller films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and a personal favorite of mine, Green Street Hooligans. His latest role is for the independent film Day Zero, a film where the military draft is reinstated and three friends(Elijah Wood, Chris Klein and Jon Bernthal) who are all drafted have to choose their paths. I had the privilege to speak with the actor over the phone.

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First Look Studios Acquires ‘The Amateurs’ and ‘Day Zero’

First Look Studios has acquired ensemble comedy The Amateurs and military drama Day Zero and set release dates of Nov. 30 and Jan. 18, respectively, according to Variety.

The Amateurs, written and directed by Michael Traeger, centers on a small town brought together by the common dream of creating an adult film.

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