Daybreakers Review

“I Can't Even Remember What It Feels Like To Be A Human...”

February 19th, 2011

Imagine what the world would be like if the entire civilization is actually vampires!

Daybreakers showed how the vampires lived their days off and a point came where they were running out of blood supply..The hunger turns them into hideous giant bats. To stop this you need a substitute but even better there is a cure to this diesease.

The cast was okay. Ed Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is a researcher given a task to search for a substitute. He meets some surviving humans and he learns of a cure which could save the human race. The suporting cast along with sam neil were all just okay in performances.

The Spierig Brothers really came up with a good story. It was really something new & fresh and you don't get to see a world full of vampires. However, the story had some little Flaws. The movie had a good start until the end when it was ruined. Everything was well done , The vampires worked at night and they were informed about the daylight and they had blood in all forms. It was what a typical vampire would live like. Not getting blood would make them worse and turn them into giant bats like I mentioned earlier. Even the cure was something which was shown greatly but the flaw started later on.

Usually humans turn to vampires once bitten..but if the vampire is cured and turned back to human then that particular human has the cure & if he gets bitten again then the vampire turns to human! Which means that u can turn to a vampire once but not after you're cured!! See how confusing it gets! :D

The end was just something the spierig brothers didn't do do well in. The movie could've gone way better.The directon was again by the spierig brothers which was again okay.

Summing it Up...It's a different vampire movie but you will be disappointed at some points. Overall the movie is still watchable.


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