Dead Spy Running


Based on the series of novels by Jon Stock, Dead Spy Running follows Danny Marchant, a young DJ on the rise in the international world of electronic dance music. Danny is forced to go on the run with a beautiful secret agent assigned to watch him after he is framed for his MI6 agent father’s murder. As Danny tries to clear his name and avenge his father’s death, he gets deeper into the world of espionage while never forgetting his background and skills as a DJ. Danny must ultimately rise up and defeat a terrorist intent on destroying western civilization in an adventure that takes him through the world to London, Paris, Corsica, New York, and Mumbai.

‘Dead Spy Running’ Lands Director Adam Wingard

‘Dead Spy Running’ Lands Director Adam Wingard

Warner Bros. has tapped director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett for their languishing spy thriller Dead Spy Running.

The project is based on the Jon Stock book of the same name, the first in a trilogy. The story follows Daniel Marchant, a young DJ who is framed for the murder of his father, a disgraced MI6 agent. He goes on the run with a beautiful secret agent to uncover his father's past and clear his name for good. We first reported on the project back in October 2008, when McG was attached to direct.

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