Death Race Review

""white Knuckles Tighter Then A Fly's Butt Hole, Burning Bitumen In A Fiery Display Of Screeching Rubber, Turnovers, Explosions And Collisions""

As much as we hate to see Jason in anything else his appearance in being

a hell driver has become a normal trend which is almost as frequent to Adam Sandler in his regular appearances with football comedy. It's a miracle he (Jason) wasn't cast during The Fast and The Furious saga which would have definitely been his cup 'o tea.

However custom it may be Statham has successfully endowed the throne of being one of this generations entertainers in action and any film associated with fast driving, stunt driving or literally concerned with speed you can bet, Statham will be right up your tail flashing his headlights in velocity.

Death Race; clenched white knuckles tighter then a fly's butt hole, burning bitumen in a fiery display of screeching rubber, turnovers, explosions and collisions, moulded into one hour twenty nine minutes of penitentiary mayhem, chaos and breathtaking pace and action.

Statham sports the jumpsuit yet again for a leap back behind the wheel in a film close to something you would find on Play Station. Hardened Criminals, the worst in the world, an even harder Jail term for an innocent man (Statham), corrupted officials and a televised race to freedom and redemption behind a 4.6 litre V8 Ford Mustang GT, mounted with enough weaponry to take half of New York out.

Yes the ingredients are appetizing and as much as it is a cliché so regular in "framed guy goes to Jail" movies, the concept of Death race is new to the film industry and in a sense is what makes this film so rewarding. Apart from that Statham is in his usual reserved tough guy role and besides the vehicle his performance is as expected, not to say that it's a bad thing, seeing as there are a very few number of people out there who can depict such a rigid character with a delicate finesse and ease.

(Statham is doing his shit and man don't it stink.)

The Plot.

Jensen Ames (Statham), three times speedway champ is convicted for murdering his wife on the day he loses his job. Systematically planed to serve time in a facility holding some of the countries hardened and worst law breakers he is thrown with an ultimatum from Warden Hennessey (Joan Allen) to replace Death race champion Frankenstein and carry on his legacy through to the finish line or die rotting behind bars.

Ames agrees and partakes in the event known through out the world as Death race, a televised broadcasting of inmates and their race to obtain freedom behind the most atrocious vehicles ever. Beasts of steel and iron embossed with artillery, competing to survive through a maze of deadly traps and more importantly each other.

As such a 3 day event unfolds and Ames is thrown behind the Iron mask of Frankenstein and like every other hero theirs always a villain vying close by. Ames not only must face-off against Machine Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson) who is resolute on ending his plight but also survive a multiple selection of rivals as well, conclusively every other racer on the track. The boundaries of trust stay close by as Ames attempts to survive the road rage on a course designed to destroy him and ultimately the crowd favourite Frankenstein.

Depending on the category of viewers, I beleive the film may take a larger liking from speed freaks and action junkies, it surly holds allot of the two, as far as criteria is concerned critics may point their thumb toward the ground in lesser favour.

Never the less I found Death Race an entertaining experience and definitely worth the watch.

But hey that's just me.

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