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After his family members suffer at the hands of gang members, a father (Kevin Bacon) sets on a mission to kill each thug involved with the crime.

Death Sentence News
Death Sentence Begins on DVD January 8
Release to contain featurettes and webisodes.
THE TENTPOLE CRITIC: The Last Weekend of Summer
Our angry inner-city critic takes a look at this weekend's three big releases.
EXCLUSIVE: Watch 3 TV Spots & 8 Clips from Death Sentence!
James Wan directs Kevin Bacon in the crime drama.
COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE: One On Wan with the Director of Death Sentence!
We get to the bottom of the Wan vs. Movieweb fued.
COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Bacon & Jordan Garrett Talk Death Sentence!
The duo talks about working with director James Wan.
COMIC-CON 2007: Exclusive Talk with Death Sentence's James Wan
The director tells us a little bit about his new project.
EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Kevin Bacon in Death Sentence!
We've got 5 exclusive photos from the James Wan directed thriller.
Death Sentence Trailer Hits the Net
Watch Kevin Bacon go Crazy!
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