Death Sentence Review

“Unbelievably Bad!”

February 19th, 2012

I can not believe that this piece of crap is so appreciated on this site...

I would be quite honest: I enjoy a good revenge flick (the 5 Death Wish movies are one of my personal favorite guilty pleasures), but this movie is just so damn wrong for words. The film does not contain any build-up because Death Sentence does not contain one moment which truly shows how Kevin Bacon's character slowly changes into a murderer. But no, it is all done simply: the verdict of the murderer has just been spoken five seconds ago and Bacon is already looking in his barn for weapons.

And where does the film want to go to? It is completely unclear, because eventually it almost looks that Death Sentence is some kind of plea against revenge: Bacon's character vengeances the murder of his son, which leads to the murder of his wife, almost his other son and even almost himself. But instead of that, the film degenerates into a sort of implausible Rambo state. Complete self-contradiction!

By the way, the gang themselves is too hilarious for words: black and white people in one gang and their cafe is run by Mexicans? If Hollywood now wants to make criminal gangs politically correct, we have come this far.

This film is unbelievably bad, and I was almost planning to give this movie a 0,5 out of 5 stars but because of the awesome role from John Goodman I am going to give it a 1 instead of a 0,5.

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