Diary of the Dead Review

“Sit Down And Enjoy This Old School Zombie Type, This Movie Was Great, Cant Wait For Part Two. (old Review))”

March 16th, 2010

Opening Thoughts:

The first sight of George A. Romero's slow moving, rigor-mortis, decaying zombies, that he created, was excellent, he should never stop making these movies or any other movies in this genre, he is one, if not the best at it, cant wait for part 2. Buy it, 5 out of 5 (9.8/10).


The story takes place during the first dead movie, "Night of the Living Dead" conjointly, in Pennsylvania. The story was really good, made sense, plus his zombies are back, on the silver screen. These zombies are better then ever, and at least, in this movie, some of the characters have some prior knowledge of zombies, seen in the opening scene and the hospital scene when their leaving it, when the guy with the glasses stabs the zombie in the stomach multiple times, then stabs it in the head. The whole trying to get back home bit is stupid, yes you want to make sure your family is okay, but you want to find a secure place and try to survive, like the people in the shelter did. I also didn't like, which they touched on a little but didn't fully explore, is the fact that Jason's girlfriend Debra, might have had, or is cheating with that other guy, which I can't stand, maybe because I was cheated on, but that's a tangent.


The visuals are spectacular, very graphic, very accurate, very grotesque, very pleasing to the eye. You get the "pull-in-ratio" (c), from the beginning of the action. Plus the contrast between the different cameras, is very good, especially with me going into this area of study, each shot, if taken frame by frame for frame, each could tell the story, very good and artistic, just all out visually pleasing. One thing though, it's a George A. Romero's stylistic trait, and that is that some of the blood in the movie was orangey, but minor details, the zombies look real, and there's no cartoon-looking C.G.I, and it looks like rigor mortis has set in, unlike its counterparts, the human kind of zombies.


The acting in this movie on the human character side is believable, I got the feeling of reality from the parts, as far as the zombie character side, its not hard to portray one, depending on which type you have and are playing. But to make it look believable its all about the budget, effects, make-up, actors, and level of grotesque you're going for. Plus there are some famous people in this movie, who make character/ voice cameos, Simon Pegg, Guillermo Del Torro, Stephen King, and George A. Romero, himself. But why can't there be a movie without a harlot, and why is it so hard for women to be faithful in movies, it make no sense.


Do I really have to talk about it, his work speaks for him, he is still the king of zombie movies hands down, unlike Lucas and Spielberg, who's losing their touch but that's a tangent.


The movie loses points for the Harlot girlfriend, and the fact that the girlfriend is acting so bitchy to her boyfriend, I also don't like the fact that, people are unaware about zombies, like I've said in my other reviews, and I'll say it again everybody knows about zombies in the real world, so why do movie characters, have a big lack of knowledge of zombies, some even don't know they exist, I guess it's the finding out what's happening and how to survive aspect of movies, needed for the story development. Sub-par in my book.


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