Did You Hear About the Morgans? Review

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December 12th, 2013

...if you didn't consider yourself lucky! In this film, Hugh Grant is paired with Sarah Jessica Parker in perhaps the worst pairing since Vanilla Ice and Naomi Campbell in Cool As Ice. They play a fashionably separated, New York City power couple, who are forced into witness protection after witnessing a murder. These two city folks are put in the care of an elderly U.S. Marshall and his wife, in the middle of nowhere Montana. Let the fun times begin! Didn't Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley do this a decade earlier in Amish country? At least For Richer or Poorer could get a few cheap laughs here and there, but not the Morgans. The Morgans have no chemistry what-so-ever and their film is painfully slow and predictable. Hugh Grant is usually funny, but in this film, every attempt at humor is snuffed out by Sarah Jessica Parker, who has no idea what she's doing. Parker is just one of these people who was lucky enough to find her perfect role and she was amazing in it, but everything I've seen her in since Sex & The City has been awful! Did You Hear About The Morgans has been done, more than once, and if you watch this movie and can't tell what's going to happen, twenty minutes a head of time, then you haven't seen too many movies. This has got to be one of the biggest waste of money in recent Hollywood history and if you decide to watch it, then you're dumber than the casting director who thought pairing Grant and Parker was a good idea.

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