Die Another Day


James Bond�s newest mission begins with a spectacular high-speed hovercraft chase through a minefield in the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea � and the action doesn�t let up until the credits roll. From Hong Kong to Cuba to London, Bond circles the world in his quest to unmask a traitor and prevent a war of catastrophic proportions. On his way he crosses paths with Jinx (Oscar�-winner Halle Berry) and Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike), who will play vital roles in his latest adventure. Hot on the trail of deadly megalomaniac Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) and his ruthless right-hand man Zao (Rick Yune), Bond travels to Iceland into the villain�s lair: a palace built entirely of ice. There he experiences firsthand the power of a new hi-tech weapon. Ultimately it all leads to an explosive confrontation � and an unforgettable conclusion � back in Korea where it all started.

A look at the upcoming Die Another Day!

In Dev-Hell-Opment: Dying for Another Day!

Dev-Hell's been on a small hiatus, but I'm back with a new approach. Gone are the days of long lists of movie development news and rumors. Between Brian, Jane Doe and Bobby, you're getting plenty of that kind of stuff. (In fact, Brian has gotten so dang thorough it's amazing. The guy doesn't have a life! I simply can't compete!) So I'm dropping the old format and taking a more free-form approach just discussing movies. Sometimes I'll profile an upcoming movie (like below,) or just babble about current events. As Indy said, I'm making it up as I go!

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