Do the Right Thing Reviews

  • Mr. Lee's movie is anything but minimalist. It is bursting with character, color, incident and music, including a militant rap number performed by Public Enemy.

    Vincent Canby — New York Times

  • Are you covering your soft parts? Spike Lee is about to drag you into a sizzling kitchen called "Do the Right Thing."

    Desson Thomson — Washington Post

  • A movie made by filmmaker working in sync with his times -- an exciting, disturbing, provocative film.

    Hal Hinson — Washington Post

  • Comes closer to reflecting the current state of race relations in America than any other movie of our time

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • A powerful and persuasive look at an ethnic community and what makes it tick--funky, entertaining, packed with insight, and political in the best, most responsible sense.

    Jonathan Rosenbaum — Chicago Reader

  • Spike Lee combines a forceful statement on race relations with solid entertainment values.

    Dean Essner — Variety

  • Lee cagily provides a litmus test for racial attitudes in 1989, but he does so by destroying the integrity of his characters, black and white.

    Richard Corliss — TIME Magazine

  • Captures a sense of black pride in the late '80s that's caught between essentialism and pop-culture commercialism. Trash-talking racism, distrust, and males' insistence on respect blaze the story along a path that LA would burn with its 1992 riots.

    Brian Gibson — Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)

  • The many joys of the film are equaled only by the fiery injustice it bears witness to in the apocalyptic third act.

    Rob Humanick — Projection Booth

  • Sure, the movie opens up the racial problems of everyday life in New York, but it also has a very forgiving tone to what one could label as the oppressed.

    Kevin Carr — 7M Pictures

  • It's perhaps one of the greatest summer movies of all time. Do the Right Thing is as perfect as a film can get.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • Lee shows us both sides of the situation, and lets us decide for ourselves. The results are devastating.

    Bill Gibron —

  • [Spike] Lee doesn't attempt to answer the complicated questions of racism, misunderstanding and simmering anger as much as confront them with a hard clarity.

    Sean Axmaker —

  • A riveting drama which remains just as intense as when it debuted in 1989.

    Kam Williams — Sly Fox

  • A towering achievement in American cinema, Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing takes a hard look at a community in crisis. [Blu-ray]

    Peter Canavese — Groucho Reviews

  • Like Rear Window to Alfred Hitchcock, like Nashville to Robert Altman, like Playtime to Jacques Tati, Lee's Do the Right Thing is an undiluted representation of its creator's artistic command.

    Eric Henderson — Slant Magazine

  • A pulsating homage to life on New York's streets, achieved thanks to Lee's sleepless eye, but a passionate-yet-dignified study of racism, too.

    Lloyd Bradley — Empire Magazine

  • The fact that a filmmaker as gifted as Lee has yet to top the movie says a lot about its power.

    Dean Essner — Film4

  • (Do the Right Thing movie review at One Guy's Opinion)

    Frank Swietek — One Guy's Opinion

  • "Do the Right Thing" is a film whose ability to entertain, provoke, and question has not diminished in the least.

    Cole Smithey —

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