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DOA: Dead or Alive Synopsis

A feature adaptation of Tecmo's bestselling game franchise "DOA: Dead or Alive". The movie centers on four female fighters in a competition to the death on an exotic island.

DOA: Dead or Alive News
D.O.A. Dead or Alive Kicks Butt on DVD September 11
You're not going to want to miss Corey Yuen's cinematic version of Tecmo's best-selling video-game!
Watch the DOA: Dead or Alive Right Now!
Watch Eric Roberts and Jamie Pressly engage in awesome action!
Jeremy Bolt Talks Castlevania, Death Race and DOA
The Resident Evil producer gives an update on the much anticipated upcoming video game flicks.
Dimension Films Picks Up DOA: Dead or Alive
Based on Temco's best-selling video game franchise.
Photos from the Set of Dead or Alive
The upcoming action film based on the popular video game series.
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