DOA: Dead or Alive


A feature adaptation of Tecmo's bestselling game franchise "DOA: Dead or Alive". The movie centers on four female fighters in a competition to the death on an exotic island.

‘D.O.A. Dead or Alive’ Kicks Butt on DVD September 11

Prepare for some awesome action on September 11.

In a story from DVD Times, Genius Products and The Weinstein Company have picked that day to release D.O.A. Dead or Alive.

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Watch the ‘DOA: Dead or Alive’ Right Now!

Yahoo! Movies! has just released a new trailer for the film DOA: Dead or Alive. It looks pretty crazy, in a Joe Bob Briggs trashy drive-in sort of way.

DOA: Dead or Alive is based on Tecmo's best-selling "Dead or Alive" videogame franchise and has an ensemble cast starring Devon Aoki, Sarah Carter, Natassia Malthe, Matthew Marsden, Jaime Pressly, Eric Roberts, and hot newcomer and Aussie pop star Holly Valance.

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Jeremy Bolt Talks ‘Castlevania’, ‘Death Race’ and ‘DOA’

Movie PictureWhile on the set of Resident Evil: Extinction in Mexico City, we caught up with Jeremy Bolt, the producer of all three film, talked about some of his future projects with long-time partner, Paul W.S. Anderson - the writer of the Resident Evil movies as well.

Jeremy mentioned he and Paul are in development for a remake of the 1975 film, Death Race 2000, saying, "Yep, Paul came in and wrote the script and we're a lot closer; we've basically taken the idea of reality television and extended it 20 years. So it's definitely a comment on society and particularly reality television, but it is not as much a satire as the original; it's more straight ahead." Unfortunately, there's no word on if Sly Stallone will be appearing in this updated version.

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Dimension Films Picks Up ‘DOA: Dead or Alive’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dimension Films has nabbed North American rights to the action film DOA: Dead or Alive from Germany's Constantin Film, the company said.

Filmed in China, the project is scheduled for a fall 2006 release. Based on Temco's best-selling video game franchise, the film is directed by Corey Yuen (Transporter 2).

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Photos from the Set of ‘Dead or Alive’

DOA Central recently got their hands on a batch of stills from the set of the upcoming video game adaptation, DOA: Dead or Alive. A feature adaptation of Tecmo's bestselling game franchise DOA: Dead or Alive, the movie centers on four female fighters in a competition to the death on an exotic island.

The film comes to theaters in 2006 and stars, Devon Aoki, Derek Boyer, Sarah Carter, Steve Howey, Kane Kosugi and Natassia Malthe.

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