Domino Review

“It All Depends On Whether Or Not You Like Flashy Editing Don't Like MTV Or Michael Bay? You Won't Like Domino”

February 19th, 2008

Domino has a lot of things going for it a good cast, well crafted plot, witty dialogue but in the end only one question will affect your decision on whether or not you like Domino and that question is "Do you love or hate overstylized editing?". Luckily for Tony Scott i happen to love that MTV style flashing, speed up/slow down camera angles, and green tinted visual effects i think it gives an already cool film a unique and cool atmosphere however i know many who believe this kind of "style over substance" is what is wrong with modern filmmaking. Domino does have substance you instantaniously fall in love with Keira Knightly's portrayl of Domino Harvey however the Tony Scott lays on heavy stylization to the point that it becomes in your face and overbearing and that my friends is where you will amke up your mind. I personally loved every rewind technique, narrative repitition, random coin flip sequences, and crazy flashback scenes that Tony Scott threw into to what to me is an entertaining multi character thriller.

The acting in this film is very good, the film has a ton of talent to work with. Keira Knightly portrays a true badass, and not the borderline lesbian tough girl act made famous by Michelle Rodriguez Domino Harvey is someone who you don't want to mess with. In a way the character of Domino reminds me of the lead in Showtimes Dexter, she constantly conflicts decisions with her subconcious, is witty, and has no fear of authority figures despite the possibly illegal things she's done. Mickey Rourke is a tough guy no doubt about it and his Ed Moseby character here is a more light hearted and realistic Marv from Sin City, still crazy, still darkly humoured, but less of a cartoon feeling this time around. Edgar Remirez plays a good psycho but gets barely any character development or dialogue which sucks because he is one of the most interesting characters in the whole film. The supporting cast all give good performances Mo'Nique, Christopher Walken, Mena Suvari, Ian Ziering, and Brian Austin Greene all bring a certain charm or likability to their characters.

The biggest concern is obviously overstylization it gets distracting and for those who hate that crazy Michael Bay style then you will i guarentee hate Domino. If you enjoy that flashy editing and crazy means of visual expression then you will like me enjoy Domino and it's fun way of telling an interesting story that is to some degree based on truth. The movie really comes down to your love or hate for stylization we all know how fan sites like IMDb work a weighted average for votes based on a scale of 1-10 the total average of a 5.9/10 further proves that this film is love or hate make up your own mind.

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