Doom (2005)

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Release Date
October 21st, 2005
  • Andrzej Bartkowiak
  • Dave Callaham
  • Wesley Strick
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Latest 'Doom' News

Doom 3D Remake Moves Forward [UPDATE]

Universal is currently seeking writers to reboot the 2005 video game adaptation which starred Dwayne Johnson.

Brian Gallagher

Universal Unleashes It's HD-DVDs

Supped up titles feature new features that can only be found in the new format.

Evan Jacobs

Universal Announces It's First Wave of HD-DVD Titles

First three releases to be Serenity, Doom and Apollo 13.

Evan Jacobs


Plus, we're giving away Universal movies starring 'The Rock' in honor of the Doom DVD release!

Brian B.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Video Game Review

MovieWeb gives you an inside look at the third installment in the classic series!

This Weekend's Box Office is Doom'd

Firing for the top spot, but shooting blanks with a lukewarm reception.

Brian B.

'The Rock' Talks About His New Video Game Film Doom

The wrestler turned actor lays the smack down on his new movie!

CONTEST: Win Prizes from DOOM!

Coming to theaters this Friday.

Brian B.

Video Interviews with "The Rock" & Rosamund Pike On DOOM

Get a glimpse at what's to coming to theaters this Friday.

Brian B.

The Full Length Doom Trailer is Here

Watch the upcoming video game adaptation starring The Rock.

Brian B.

Your First Look at the Monsters of DOOM

The first images of the monsters go online.

Brian B.

New Teaser Trailers for DOOM and The Fog Go Online

Watch new previews of upcoming films.

Brian B.

The first photo from DOOM! The Rock talks about the film

Brian B.

Screenwriter David Callaham talks DOOM

"And what about those newly created characters?"

Brian B.

Rosamund Pike to star in Doom

...Universal Pictures' upcoming video game adaptation

Brian B.

The Rock and Karl Urban to star in Doom

...playing the leader of a special ops team

Brian B.

Andrzej Bartkowiak Replaces Enda McCallion on Doom

...the upcoming video game adaptation

Brian B.

The Rock starring in Doom? more word on Spy Hunter

Brian B.

Universal doesn't have the rights to the Doom adaptation?

...according to id Software, not yet

Brian B.

Warner Bros. takes a look deeper in 'Doom' news on the proposed video game adaptation!

Brian B.