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Based on the award-winning hit Broadway musical about a female singing group called the Dreamettes.

Dreamgirls News
Dreamgirls Is Loved at the Top of the Sales Charts
Night at the Museum is No. 1 in rentals.
Dreamgirls Dances on to DVD May 1!
Discs to be loaded with extras and available on HD-DVD and Blu-ray.
DreamWorks Pictures Releases Statement About Dreamgirls
The movie is a work of fiction!
Dreamgirls Has the 3rd Highest Christmas Opening Ever
Even though the film was released in a limited amount of theaters!
Dreamgirls Limited Engagement 'Road Show' in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco
Special $25 tickets allow you to see the movie and limited edition program.
Jamie Foxx Sings His Praises of Dreamgirls
The Oscar-winner talks about his latest movie with Beyonce.
Jennifer Hudson to Debut in Dreamgirls
The former 'American Idol' breaks into feature films.
Dreamgirls Release Date

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