Dredd 3D Review

“One Of The Best Action Movies”

September 21st, 2012

this movie was just amazing i thought it was gonna not be as good but it totally just blow me away so much action and perfected music to add to it

karl urban was amazing as dredd perfect pick and lena headly sexy as a bad girl was just awesome

i see no problems with this movie but of course i am sure it will not make alot of money because ppl dont like these movies and they rate it down but i dis agree dredd was awesome


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  • RyanMoranMita • 4 years ago

    Corey if that is you in the pic you are just insane I don't make reviews and I do it mostly for the rating


    • corey • 4 years ago

      Not much of a review man. You do nothing to make me believe this is a 5-star film.


      • Ilikepie202 • 4 years ago

        try explaining a bit more.


        • john-m • 4 years ago

          Great paragraph, and I'm glad you loved the film, but this isn't a review. You know there is a place for comments.


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