Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Review

“No Pulse, No Problem For This Movie/Rental”

May 3rd, 2011

So before say hey "Monkeyiron 2.0 didn't already review this movie already?" I did but movieweb put it under my prototype profile which I thought MW deleted.

So I never in my life read the original comics, but I did say to myself was the comics like this. I saw the trailer when I saw "Drive Angry" so i said ok i see it because to me personally it reminded me of "Hellboy" or "Ghost Rider". So on saturday I went to see "Madea Big Happy Family" then I movie hopped to see this movie (but I had to wait 2hrs to see it because it was over.) So it is like Hellboy with a little bit of Ghost Rider, but at the cost of not that bad but stale acting, a semi-scary story, and a very terrible directing. So why you as Is I'm waiting for the D.V.D when it comes out. Well let me tell you in the latest issue of "MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS: MONKEYIRON 2.0 REVIEWS DYLAN DOG DEAD OF NIGHT".......

The acting was not bad, not horrible, or nor wasn't terrible, but stale at times. Brandon Routh who plays the main and title character of the movie. Usually he'll due great in movies like this mainly because his performance in "Scott Pillgrim vs. The World" as my favorite of exes Evil ex #3 Todd Ingram. But his performance here is stale because you can feel as well see that Brandon doesn't seem he want to be in the movie which he made his proformance alittle stale but he does act like a hero alittle like the near end of the movie. Taye Diggs did give a good proformance and gives a villain we all love to hate. But the movie doesn't give him enough screen time or good enough dialouge to actually make it work. Sam Huntington who plays the friendly zombie Marcus. Sam out of Taye and Brandon actually shows an even more performance and great dialouge. He does shows that he is trying to hold the movie together and he does too delivers great dialouge to enjoy. What I didn't like is that the movie made him the comic relif which a chuckled at some of his sarcasm and some jokes pokes at him being a Zombie (But there was one guy in the theater who laughed like Ronnie from the Jersey shore like a retarded Dolphin on steriods."

The plot/storyline was adventurous,action packed, supernatural, and religious (as you pay attention to the movie theres alot of christian artifacts) The movie may have it's ups but as well as its downs. Mainly due to it's low budget (read on wikipedia and on IMBD) theres this one scene where Dyaln uses a lot of sun/light based guns to kill a clan of vampires, the camras focuses mainly on him and Marcus you never see him kill the vampires, until he's finish you see a bunch of dead vampire bodies (some shot in the head and some shot in the stomach) and you ask yourself for 1 brief moment " What the FUCK just happened"which wasn't my favorite scene and it annoyed me but like i said before the movie gives action,adventure, some comedy, supernatural, and mystery feeling which i did enjoyed like one scene when Dylan fights a big were-wolf and Dylan uses a silver knuckles which made me laugh and was my favorite scene of the movie.

The director Kevin Monroe who is the directed "TMNT" I thought it will be a awesome movie like 'TMNT'. But he is horrible directing this movie as I said before. But i can understand feel tried to make the movie look like a Gulliemore Del Toro movie with at some points there is a points theres that Del Toro green fog.

The score was horrible

The movie is ok not that bad. I admit if it had merchandise and was under a better movie studios who will give the movie a better budget like "Universal" or Cinemax". Possibly ina near future the movie can get a reboot under a different studios

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