Eagle Vs. Shark


"Eagle Vs. Shark," directed by Academy Award®-nominee Taika Waititi (the short, "Two Cars One Night"), is a wry comedy that chronicles the quirky romance of two awkward misfits, Lily (Loren Horsley), a shy fast-food restaurant cashier, and her crush, Jarrod (Jemaine Clement, HBO's "One Night Stand: The Flight of the Conchords"), an electronic store clerk. On the day Lily gets fired from her job at Meaty Boy, she musters up the courage to attend Jarrod's annual "come as your favorite animal" costume party. The dressy affair sparks the beginnings of a romance as well a small journey for the pair to Jarrod's quiet hometown, in which Jarrod plans to seek revenge on an old nemesis and where Lily unwittingly finds herself stranded amongst Jarrod's family of eccentrics.

EXCLUSIVE: Jemaine Clement Wins the Fight Known as ‘Eagle Vs. Shark’

In Eagle Vs. Shark, Clement plays Jarrod, an adult who still holds a grudge against his high school nemesis. Jarrod's revenge scheme gets in the way of his relationship with a fast food employee. In Flight of the Conchords, he plays one-half of a Kiwi Digi-Folk band that moves to New York to find success. Both projects are very funny. And they will surely turn Jemaine into a underground comedy stalwart.

Jemaine called me from New York this morning. I knew beforehand that interviews make him a little uncomfortable. He always feels like a dork when answering questions. While talking to him, I didn't get that impression, though. I enjoyed our chat quite a bit.

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EXCLUSIVE: Director Taika Waititi and Actress Loren Horsley Wager Their Savings on ‘Eagle Vs. Shark’

Taika Waititi And Loren Horsley discuss bringing one of the wackiest romances ever seen to the big screen.

Comedian/Actor/Director Taika Waititi describes his directorial debut, Eagle Vs. Shark, as New Zealand's first ever Arthouse romantic comedy. It could also be described as a later-in-life follow-up to Napoleon Dynamite. But that would be the easy way of telling you it's about a quirky fling between two misfits.

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On June 15, Eagle Vs. Shark comes to theaters in limited release. To celebrate the release of this romantic comedy, we are giving away the film's soundtrack and some great prizes to a few lucky users!

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