Earth Review

"Just Saying Why Would You Pay Money To Go See Something I Can See For Free On The Discovery Channel. "

I was really interested in seeing this movie Earth because the trailer really caught my attention and well i was once again disspointed because when i went to see this today i got to see a private showing of the movie at 10:30 this morning. The story well there really is no story you are watching animals play around and listing to James Earl Jones for 90 mins. That part was not so bad because well i like to watch animals and what not and they were really cute!. The movie was edited very well and i liked how the show the aspect of something like a bird or a monkey over the course of 5 years that was really good the movie had a sad ending though but this movie may not be for children under the age of maybe?

6 cause some of the vilonce between some of the animals was a little bit to graphic for a G rated movie. Earth is well put together and the aspect was great and this movie was just a wild ride across out planet Heck you might even learn something. This movie took 5 years to make and well i really liked it more than i did the stuff in this movie was really cute and lovable so all in all if you have kids you might want to consider letting them watch it first i no that it is G but think about. And if you don't like watching and learning about our planet then this movie is not for you. B-

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