Easy A Review

“"A Is For Awesome"”

September 19th, 2010

A Blast from the Past:

Not many times does a viewer sit through another typical, cookie cutter teenage movie and feel remotely anything, at least not since John Hughes made viewers everywhere reminiscent of old high school days. Though I have only been out of high school one year, I cannot count the number of John Hughes movies I have seen on my two hands, it requires toes as well. Not only did Easy A incorporate its own ideas, it pays homage to John Hughes and the iconic movies we've all watched at one time or another. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing iconic scenes re-done for our generation. His movies filled other generations with laughs and lessons learned, now this is the film that will fill our generation.

The Story:

Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) unwittingly starts the rumor, while talking to her best friend Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka), that she has lost her virginity to a young man from community college. When overly zealous and religious Marianne (Amanda Bynes) overhears, rumors spread like wildfire. Olive is seemingly okay with having everyone finally notice her, since before she was neither popular or uncool, she was just there. When her friend Brandon (Dan Byrd), who is gay, approaches her with a proposition, she cannot resist. If she pretends to have one imaginary fling with him, his bullying will stop and he will pay her. Suddenly Olive is thrust into a whirlwind of misfits looking to up there reputaion by lying about having one-night stands with Olive. As with all movies of this stature, things turn for the worse. Her reputaion is taking advantage of and rumors become harsh. Olive is in danger of losing everything she loves and while the struggle is a hardfelt road, the lessons learned are priceless.

The Acting:

Emma Stone is such a breath of fresh air. I felt like this role was catered to her. Mos of the roles she has had have been very sarcastic and clever, and this is no exception. Olive is intellegint and witty, just as Stone is. She caught my eye in this movie, and with more roles like this she could easily become the next Sandra Bullock. She carried this movie and is charming and lovable as Olive Penderghast. Her spunk and character in this film might just make her the star we were all hoping for. Amanda Bynes does quite a good job in the film. I think she was funny in her other TV shows and films. The scenes between her and Stone are pricelss. I think it was Bynes facial expressions that really made me laugh. She can really pull off the "girl we love to hate" role. Second to Stone, her parents, played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson, were amazing. They completely stole the scenes they were in. They play parents that we all wish we had, understanding while being comical. Tucci was hilarious and I hope to see him in more roles like this. But still, the star Stone stole the show with her clever wit and after watching this its hard to imagine anyone else stepping in Olive's shoes.

The Bad:

Though I really enjoyed this movie, like all it has it downs. I thought some of the language was inappropriate at times. No I am not against cursing, but saying GD and sh*t over and over repeatedly for a almost twenty seconds can get ridiculous. Lisa Kudrow's character, the guidance counselor, did this and it seemed to drone on forever. Though I enjoy John Hughes movies, I disliked how they reminded me that this film was supposed to almost follow in his footsteps.

The Good:

Finally to the good. I love sarcasm in movies, which is why this one is a gem for me. I am always impressed by clever wit when it is used correctly. And Easy A gets it correct. Again, Stone carried this performance with her trademark attitude that her fans love.

The Directing/Writing:

After Will Gluck's disaster of a movie, Fired Up!, this is refreshing. It's like a light bulb went off in his head. Finally there is a smart heroine lead role instead of the typical sex-crazed male we have to follow on his excapades. Gluck gets it right, especially with Stone's song and dance number (Ferris Bueller style). And Bert V. Royal gets it right with the script. I was almost positive a woman had written this story because it seems to identifiy with what a girl does when she loses her virginity. She is looked at differently than males are, which is a big point of the film. I loved the scripts, but my one complaint would be the constant reminder that its supposed to be a clever, witty movie and it won't let you forget.


I just loved the movie. Maybe I'm nostalgic for my last year of high school, but I feel this is a relateable movie. Its actors are lovable and funny. The story is engaging and interesting. The directing and writing score with me. I know some will find this as another typical teen story, but its differnent because its a typical teen story with a heart.


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