Eat, Pray, Love Review

“Eat, Pray, And Watch Paint Dry On The Wall!”

October 23rd, 2010

A surprisingly joyless, almost-2-hour fable about finding your joy and starring Julia Roberts!!

I love Julia, but man she couldn't save this film. Unsympathetic charactgers cut out of cardboard in preatty locals.

I love Julia, lI don't mind watching her....but not in this film ...Man this film felt like three (3) hours!!!

Annoying and boring are the only two (2) words that come to my mind to illustrate thsi film. Not the "Worst" film of 2010 ...but certainly very exhausting.

Billy Crudup .... Viola Davis seemd to get lost int eh shuffle .....

Richard Jenkins who I love to watch act ...this time seemed bored and huirried. His character was very cardboard of most characters who to need to "find themselves"!

What bothered me most about this film was its negative, narcissistic, protagonist. Liz spends much of the film feeling sorry for herself, and complaining about things that she lacks. Despite all the luxury, friends, support, and opportunities she has at her disposal, she is never quite happy enough. In fact, in one scene, she sadly murmurs that she is alone.

As the film makes clear, the only way she can be truly happy is if she attains a 'perfect' balance, and state of being. Liz has had a year to think about things that make her unhappy, but seems incapable of making her own decisions. She mostly does whatever other people tell her- this does not allow her to grow as a character. From what I've seen, she is not strong, or particularly interesting despite nearly every character arguing otherwise.

My Final Rating: C-

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