Empty Mirror (1999)

Empty Mirror Poster
    Release Date
    Barry J. Hershey
    Norman Rodway, Camilla S√łeberg, Peter Michael Goetz, Doug McKeon, Glenn Shadix, Joel Grey

    Empty Mirror Synopsis

    As Hitler pores over film reels, photographs, even Time Magazine (lamenting that he was only "Man of the Year" once while Roosevelt was chosen three times), he considers and reconsiders the careful creation of his public image, his failed dreams for Germany, his idiosyncratic moral code, the hopes and fears of his past and most of all, his stunning internal contradictions.

    Remembering, analyzing and regretting, this Hitler begins to break down, to open up and let loose the fantasies and illusions to which he so stubbornly clung and foisted upon the world. Moving from the blackly comic to the hauntingly emotional, Hitler is visited by a host of characters, real and imagined, ranging from Eva Braun and Joseph Goebbels to Sigmund Freud.

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