Enchanted Review


January 14th, 2008

for those of you that love CLASSIC disney films such as snow white and ciderella,and even beauty and the beast this film goes back to the day when animators were ''artists''of the canvas and sketchpad and hand-drawn artwork was brought to life!!!

it's magical and up-lifting and is truely a ''FAMILY FILM!!!''it's about time disney put the magic back onto the big screen!!

ok,not the greatest of music selected as we have come to expect from disney and films of yester year,however,maybe after a few viewings of this film you may begin to hum a tune or two;although there are plenty of other disney songs that would certainly spring to mind long before anything in this film.(soundtracks from tarzan,beauty and the beast, and the lion king but to mention a few; will always be favourites).

this film was certainly a potential in the uk to be a runner for film of the festive season-especially for families.

so to all you hard-core disney film fans then i recommend you rush to your local cinema and view this film for yourself....i do not think you will be disappointed!!!

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