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“End Of Watch Is A Gritty, Reckless And Emotional Film That, Gives Us The True In-depth Look At Inner City Cops. Filled With Oscar Worthy Performances. It Should Come As No Surprise, End Of Watch Being One Of The Best Cop Dramas In Years.”

September 28th, 2012

First Impressions usually mean everything don't they?. Well my FIRST impression of this was film, set a low, low bar. While yes i was openly optimistic to see this film, considering it has likable leads and a somewhat interesting premise. I figured with all the good buzz i could give this film a fighting chance. The verdict? End of Watch is probably one of thee best cop films in the last decade, there is no question. End of Watch is gritty it feels real and its so authentic. Thanks in part to veteran Jake Gyllenhal and also up and coming star Micheal Pena. Its harsh reality truly makes the film that much more entertaining. To be honest i was truly shocked that a film like this could make me feel so much emotion within a ten minute period. Its a not a perfect film. But for what its sole purpose is. For that i commend it. As far as the cop genre goes its so cliched and over the top and usually you have the dumb action sequences that make no sense or its just plain with dumb dialog. This film did not use the found - footage technique. Instead being shot in a "cops" tv show like style, only much more intense and way more exciting. I'm happy that this film was way better than my overall expectations and it does set a new bar for its distinct genre.

Story: (4/5) - the story is actually something pretty darn cool if i can be honest. It follows two police officers as they delve into the realm of upholding the law. (Gyllenhaal & Pena) as they fight for justice. When they stumble upon a huge Drug cartel operation going on in a local neighborhood. The two have been marked for death and must fight back in order to live to fight another day. The story seemed familer although it does have its moments that are somewhat unique. Epically some jaw-dropping moments you have to see to believe. For that i was also happy because i wanted to see a good movie and i got an even better movie. Acting: (4.5/5) - This is some of the best performances of the year really, Micheal Pena really rose up in my book last year in "The Lincoln Lawyer" but other than that, his acting choices have really boggled me, starring in such crappy films including 30mins or less, but hey a man's gotta eat. While Jake Gyllenhaal has been off the big screen for a while since Source Code. He really shows his deep, core action stud persona in this film. He gets to light up the screen and show us what he is really capable of. In my opinion both Pena and Gyllenhaal deserve some well deserve credit and Oscar Noms this season.

Overall: (4/5)End of Watch is a gritty, reckless and emotional film that, gives us the true in-depth look at inner city cops. Filled with Oscar Worthy performances. It should come as no surprise, End of Watch being one of the best cop dramas in years. That statement is true. I'm not bluffing, I do admit it should come as no surprise, but it is a surprise to me. From the talented writers that wrote Training Day i should really have never questioned the strength this movie had. Its rare that you get a film such as this that makes you feel some kind of bond to the characters in this type of way. While most movies try to succeed in that level, End Of Watch makes as feel as though these characters are our brothers. For that i'm grateful. It does have its typical cop cliche moments. But overall its a really solid flick. That i am more than happy to suggest to my friends. Because its a true gem that needs to be cherished and seen. While of course it can't hold a candle to Training Day its still an intense action film that has moments that can truly pull on the heartstrings. See this movie whenever you have time because honestly you will not regret it.





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