Ender's Game Review

“Ender's Game Was A Brilliant Surprise. Introducing A New Character That We Can All Root For. Gavin Hood Has A Distinct Direction The Leads Us On An Explosive, Adventurous And Fun Time. The Biggest Surprise Of The Year.”

November 5th, 2013

From Oblivion to After Earth and Pacific Rim, just when you thought all the sci-fi craze was going to be over! we get Enders Game. For not being a sci-fi junkie, in fact I rather loathed the films listed above, Enders Game was an excellent surprise. When I first saw the trailer advertised way back when, needless to say I was not very impressed. In fact I was rather disgusted. The film looked very formulaic, It looked very choppy and I just could not take young Asa Butterfield seriously, boy was I wrong. Asa Butterfield, owned the part of Ender, he crushed It on every level, not only was I impressed, I was blown away. Sure the film lacks in severe originality, but I'm sure fans of the popular book will be happy with the final outcome. Harrison Ford, talking in the way he always talks, with a scowl, takes commanding lead her as the commander of the international fleet. Like I said you can barley understand him half the time, but he is still a terrific actor and we still commend him to this day. Ender's strives in its character development, the way it progresses and its ability to convey a story. Elements that "those" films listed above did not. Instead focusing on pointless plot twists, characters nobody cared about and a dumb final act.

Gavin Hood takes the writing and directing chair on this film, using real life CGI sequences, (Like Ender's Mind Game) to make everything look as realistic as possible. Boy does he do it. The sci-fi thrills are written and executed very well, that offer more than enough to satisfy its young audience fan base. Older crowds alike should get a kick out of this film too. I also did enjoy the ending (which some people probably won't). But for the most part, the film moves along very swiftly and gets its message across, even if the story line is derived from almost every other Science Fiction movie ever produced. There was some great supporting work here also. Helmed by Viola Davis, Ben Kingsly and Hallie Steinfield, you know that Oscar nominated actress from True Grit?, and also Abigal Breslin. But can be please commend Asa Butterfield for a moment. The last time I saw this kid was in The Boy With the Striped Pajamas and my goodness did he grow up. This may not have been the film it turned out to be if not for Butterfield and I look forward to future adventures with our young hero (if we ever get to see them)

At first glance, Enders Game (to me) looked like garbage, it did not look to offer much outside the cliche Sci-Fi realm. If anyone reading this has read my past reviews on sci-fi fare, then you would understand why I am so shocked as to how I am giving this a very positive review. Maybe it was the timing, maybe I was due for another fun sci-fi adventure. Or maybe It shows the direction and writing. That perhaps maybe if everything is done correctly, the casting, the action, the stunts and thrills and even a great story, then perhaps everything can fit in its place and work as one. This is simply another prime example of don't judge a book by its cover. Ender's Game has taught me one thing from now on, maybe and just maybe, there is hope for this genre just yet, because this film has just breathed new life into it, and man am I glad.


By: Nate Adams

Rated: PG13

Directed By: Gavin Hood

Run-Time: 130 mins

Release Date: November 1st

Studio: Summit Entertainment (Lionsgate)

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