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A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group characters in order to save their world -- and ours.

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Amanda Seyfried voices a young girl transported to a magical world where a war is waged between good and evil insects.
Epic Poster and Two Clips
Travel into the deep forest as the forces of good and evil battle it out in this animated fantasy adventure for the whole family, in theaters this May.
Beyonce's Tara Escapes in New Clip from Epic
Chris Wedge directs this animated adventure, which features the voices of Beyonce Knowles, Colin Farrell and Jason Sudeikis.
Fourth Epic Trailer
A young girl discovers a magical forest in this animated adventure featuring the voice talents of Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, and Beyonce.
Epic International Trailer
Amanda Seyfried voices a young girl who discovers a magical land of talking insects in this animated adventure from director Chris Wedge.
Epic 'Boys' and 'Girls' TV Spots
Aziz Ansari gives a brief introduction to this new footage from director Chris Wedge's animated comedy, in theaters May 24.
Epic 'Discover a World' Poster with Amanda Seyfried and Beyonce Knowles
Ice Age director Chris Wedge returns with this animated fantasy about a young girl who discovers a battle between good and evil.
Third Epic Trailer
From the creators of Ice Age and Rio comes this animated family adventure about a young girl magically transported into a secret world.
Epic First Look Photos
Get a glimpse at the first photos from Chris Wedge's animated adventure which tells the story of a ongoing battle in the forest between good and evil.
Epic Trailer Featuring the Voices of Colin Farrell and Beyonce Knowles
Director Chris Wedge's animated fantasy centers on a group of bugs trying to save their garden from an evil spider.
Leaf Men Set for May 2013 Release
Ice Age director Chris Wedge is behind this new Fox Animation adventure about a colony of bugs who call upon the Leaf Men to defeat the Spider Queen.
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