Escape from Tomorrow Review

“Escape From Tomorrow Failed To Deliver More Than Just Being A Fascinating Art Project.”

November 2nd, 2013

The impressive amount of work put into the creating and shooting of this film combined with the nostalgic compassion for both Disney theme parks and black and white film is almost enough to recommend this film for at least one must-see viewing. However, I don't think I can bring myself to such mild praise.

Escape from Tomorrow is a fictional tale of a family's trip to Disneyland; a park at times the typical wondrous vacation spot one remembers enjoying as a child and at other more surrealistic moments the perverse and disturbed reflection of a grown man's adult version of Disneyland.

The father, Jim, is the central character we observe and learn about. The film itself is alluring for shooting "guerrilla-style" entirely on site at Disney-operated parks. I was expecting an audacious, warped view of a kid-friendly park and I suppose I got that, but what I hadn't expected was a film about the creepy imagination of an adult male's idealistic journey through WD's parks. A trip involving the stalking of two dangerously young girls who enjoy such distasteful fixation. Followed by getting lucky with a woman more his age and possibly more sexually disturbed. Bad plot choice, followed by bad plot choice. At least the dialogue isn't bad. It's naturalistic and the black and white aesthetic was a brilliant choice. It adds both a charming classic feel and the perfect canvass to add terrifying darker hues to turn cute characters menacing.

Initial reviews of Escape from Tomorrow read like hopeful admiration rather than honest enjoyment. Now I can see why. And now that the film has surpassed expectations of disappearing forever due to law suits, we can all see whether or not this is actually any good. Because that's what's really important. Not the exhausting explanation of the film-making process. Rather, the overall quality of the narrative. Escape from Tomorrow failed to deliver more than just being a fascinating art project.

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