Everybody Has a Plan


Tells the story of Agustín (Mortensen), a man desperate to abandon what for him has become, after years of living in Buenos Aires, a very frustrating existence. After the death of his twin brother, Pedro, Agustín decides to start a new life, adopting the identity of his brother and returning to the mysterious region of the Delta, in theTigre, where they lived when they were boys. However, shortly after his return, Agustín will find himself unwillingly involved in the dangerous criminal world that was a part of his brother’s life.

The film takes place in the singular landscapes of the Delta, a maze of islands and rivers that, in a former time, was used as an amusement park for the elite of Buenos Aires, and where French and English style mansions can still be found bordering the canals, reminding us of the affluence this area enjoyed in the past. But not far from the swamps, there are darker and hidden corners, places in which outlaws live by their own unwritten rules and a code of silence. In these dangerous backwaters, that have always been used as a hiding place by criminals and the outcast, Agustin will struggle to survive, reinventing himself to leave the past behind.

‘Everybody Has a Plan’ Trailer

‘Everybody Has a Plan’ Trailer

The first trailer has been released for Everybody Has a Plan, director Ana Piterbarg's drama that debuted over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. Viggo Mortensen stars as Augustin, a man who assumes the identity of his twin brother Pedro. He comes to learn that his brother was immersed in the Argentinian criminal underworld.

After years of living in Buenos Aires, Augustin (Viggo Mortensen) is desperate to abandon his unfulfilled life and change the man he has become. Following the death of his twin brother Pedro, Agustin takes on his brother's identity and leaving his past behind, he sets out for Tigre Delta, the area where he spent his childhood.

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