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The sequel is on hold after director Fede Alvarez left to pursue other opportunities.

Evil Dead 2 News
Evil Dead 2 with Jane Levy No Longer Happening?Evil Dead 2 with Jane Levy No Longer Happening?
Evil Dead remake star Jane Levy doesn't think Evil Dead 2 will move forward, and that it is instead being replaced by the TV series.
Fede Alvarez Still Directing Evil Dead 2, But Army of Darkness 2 Comes First!
Sam Raimi is directing a sequel to the original franchise before a reboot sequel moves ahead. Yesterday's news was lost in translation.
Director Fede Alvarez Exits Evil Dead 2
Writer Rodo Sayagues Mendez has also left the project, hoping to concentrate their talents elsewhere. Does this mean the sequel is dead?
Evil Dead 2 Script in the Works, Evil Dead Reactions Arrive from SXSW
Director Fede Alvarez confirmed Friday night that a sequel is on the way after receiving a great crowd response at SXSW.
Evil Dead 2 Release Date

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