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Mia, a young woman struggling with sobriety, heads to a remote cabin with her brother and a group of friends, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads to danger and horror.

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Comic-Con: Bruce Campbell Will Star in Evil Dead TV Series!Comic-Con: Bruce Campbell Will Star in Evil Dead TV Series!
Bruce Campbell confirms that he will headline Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series, hinting at his return as iconic horror hero Ash.
Comic-Con: Evil Dead TV Series Coming from Sam Raimi and Bruce CampbellComic-Con: Evil Dead TV Series Coming from Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell
Sam Raimi reveals that he and brother Ted Raimi are working on an Evil Dead TV series that Bruce Campbell will be involved in some capacity.
COMIC-CON 2013: Evil Dead Blu-Ray Release Party Announced
Join director Fede Alvarez and star Jane Levy for an autograph signing and musical performances on Saturday, July 20th.
EXCLUSIVE: Evil Dead 'A Conversation with Bruce Campbell' Blu-ray Featurette
The star of the original cult classic gives his blessing to this gory remake, on Blu-ray and DVD July 16.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Evil Dead Wins the Weekend with $26 Million
G.I. Joe Retaliation drops to second place with $21.1 million and Jurassic Park 3D opens in fourth place with $18.7 million.
BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will Evil Dead Take the Top Spot?
Or will Jurrasic Park 3D's return to theaters outperform the new horror remake and a slew of holdovers?
Evil Dead Featurette
Director Fede Alvarez and producer Sam Raimi discuss how this new version is true to the original classic, in theaters April 5th.
EXCLUSIVE: Evil Dead Cast and Crew Interviews!
Jane Levy, Jessica Lucas, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci and director Fede Alvarez break down the most terrifying movie of the year, in theater April 5.
Evil Dead 2 Remake and Army of Darkness 2 Will Lead to Evil Dead 7!
Director Fede Alvarez promises that his remake franchise will meet with Sam Raimi's franchise for the ultimate horror crossover.
Second Evil Dead TV Spot with Bruce Campbell
Director Fede Alvarez helps introduce 60 gory seconds in a special video set to air during The Walking Dead Season 3 finale.
Evil Dead 'Olivia' Clip
Lou Taylor Pucci takes a beating in this latest gruesome scene from the upcoming horror movie, in theaters this April.
Fresh Evil Dead Photos Spill Even More Blood
Fede Alvarez directs this remake about a group of friends, who vacation in a remote cabin only to find a demonic curse, in theaters April 5.
Evil Dead 'Going to Die Tonight' Clip
A possessed, gun-toting Jane Levy frightens her friends in this scene from director Fede Alvarez's upcoming horror remake, in theaters April 5.
First Evil Dead Clip
A frantic Jessica Lucas has a horrifying bathroom experience in this scene from director Fede Alvarez's horror remake, in theaters April 5.
Evil Dead Remake Is Coming to WonderCon
Check out the announcement video for the horror reboot which features an intro from Fede Alvarez, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert inviting you to the multi-genre convention.
Evil Dead 2 Script in the Works, Evil Dead Reactions Arrive from SXSW
Director Fede Alvarez confirmed Friday night that a sequel is on the way after receiving a great crowd response at SXSW.
Evil Dead 'Everything's Fine' TV Spot
The woods are alive in director Fede Alvarez's horrifying reimagining of Sam Raimi's classic thriller.
Evil Dead TV Spot with Fan Reactions
Watch how fans react to scenes from the red band trailer for Fede Alvarez's horror reboot, in theaters April 5th.
New Evil Dead International Poster and Photos
Fede Alvarez directs this highly-anticipated horror remake about a group of friends who unwittingly unleash evil, in theaters this spring.
Evil Dead to Arrive One Week Early on April 5th
Bruce Campbell confirms that the horror film will now fill the slot vacated by Paul Feig's comedy The Heat.
Evil Dead Slapped with NC-17 Rating; Filmmakers Recut to Get an R Rating
The studio needs an R rating to release the film in theaters, but an unrated director's cut is expected on Blu-ray.
Second Evil Dead Trailer with All-New Footage
Fede Alvarez's horror remake stars Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez and Lou Taylor Pucci, in theaters April 12th.
Watch Within the Woods the Short That Inspired Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead
Before seeing the Evil Dead remake this April, check out the one that started it all, featuring Bruce Campbell.
SET VISIT: Fede Alvarez Talks Blood Rain, Rape Vines, an NC-17, and Evil Dead
We head to New Zealand for a chat with the director behind this spring's anticipated horror reboot, based on a film by producer Sam Raimi.
Set Visit: Evil Dead Remake with Jane Levy and Lou Taylor Pucci
We visit director Fede Alvarez inside the iconic cabin from this horror remake produced by Sam Raimi.
Full-Length Evil Dead Red Band Trailer!
Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez star in director Fede Alvarez's horror remake about a group of kids who unwittingly unlock an evil spirit.
Evil Dead Poster
The most terrifying film you will ever experience is in theaters April 12th of 2013.
Evil Dead Necronomicon Photos Offer Look Inside the Book of the Dead!
These latest images were unveiled as a special Halloween treat for fans of this remake.
Evil Dead Red Band Trailer!
Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez star in this highly-anticipated horror remake about a group of friends who unleash a deadly force.
Evil Dead Trailer Preview Featuring Bruce Campbell!
The original Ash joins Jane Levy to introduce the first footage from this bloody remake of Sam Raimi's twisted cult classic.
The Evil Dead Remake Trailer!
Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez star in this Fede Alvarez directed remake of the Sam Raimi horror classic.
The Evil Dead First Look Photo with Jane Levy Possessed by a Deadite!
The Suburgatory actress has her soul swallowed in this look at director Fede Alvarez's upcoming remake.
Carrie and The Evil Dead Head to New York Comic-Con 2012
Sony Pictures will present the first footage for both these horror remakes Saturday, October 13 at the Javits Center in New York City.
Sam Raimi Predicts R or Worse for The Evil Dead Remake
The producer revealed how intense violence could warrant the restricted rating for Federico Alvarez's upcoming reboot.
Bruce Campbell Calls The Evil Dead Reboot Fabulous
The actor was recently interviewed and revealed that the reboot would be as memorable as the original.
COMIC-CON 2012: The Evil Dead Logo Revealed!
Original director Sam Raimi produces this remake from director Federico Alvarev, which stars Suburgatory's Jane Levy.
The Evil Dead Remake Begins Shooting in New Zealand
Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, and Lou Taylor Pucci star in director Federico Alvarez's horror franchise reboot.
The Evil Dead Remake Gets Jessica Lucas
The Melrose Place actress will play the best friend of Jane Levy's drug-addicted character in Federico Alvarez's horror remake.
The Evil Dead Remake to Be Dark and Very Gory Says Jane Levy
Bruce Campbell has revealed that the trees will be back, and they are not very well behaved this time out.
The Evil Dead Gets Jane Levy as Female Lead
The Suburgatory star replaces Lily Collins in Federico Alvarez's horror reboot starring Shiloh Fernandez.
The Evil Dead Lands Shiloh Fernandez as Male Lead
Federico Alvarez is directing this reboot of Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic, about a group of youngsters who unleash a demonic force.
Lily Collins Drops Out of The Evil Dead
The actress ditches the remake due to scheduling conflicts.
The Evil Dead Remake Lands Lily Collins
The Mirror Mirror star will portray the drug-addicted Mia in Federico Alvarez's remake of the Sam Raimi horror classic.
The Evil Dead Remake Hits Theaters April 2013
Sony Pictures and FilmDistrict are teaming up for this horror remake, which will debut April 12, 2013.
The Evil Dead Remake Lands at Sony and FilmDistrict
Federico Alvarez is directing this horror remake for Ghost House Pictures and producers Sam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert, and Bruce Campbell.
The Evil Dead Remake Is Unbelievably Violent Says Diablo Cody
The Young Adult scribe talks about doing rewrites on this Fede Alvarez directed reboot for producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell
The Evil Dead Logo Revealed
Fede Alvarez is directing this horror reboot, which is being presented to buyers at the American Film Market.
The Evil Dead Remake Synopsis and Story Details Revealed
This reboot will follow the original up to a point, throwing in a few new twists to keep the film fresh and original.
The Evil Dead Remake Will Not Feature Ash Says Bruce Campbell
The iconic actor reveals the remake will begin production in early 2012 and that everyone involved loves the 'new approach.'
EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Campbell Talks The Evil Dead Remake!
The actor offers new insight into the production, including that he may indeed have a cameo in this reworked thriller.
The Evil Dead Officially Moves Forward at Ghost House Pictures
Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Tapert will produce this Federico Alvarez directed remake.
The Evil Dead Reboot Gets Director Federico Alvarez
Sam Raimi will produce this low-budget return to his infamous franchise, helping to cast before embarking on Oz: Th Great and Powerful.
Evil Dead Remake Still Has Hope
A recent interview reveals that Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert still pushing through The Evil Dead remake, and even looking at a new script this month.
EXCLUSIVE: Ted Raimi Talks Evil Dead 4 and Bruce Vs. Frankenstein
The fan-favorite actor discusses the long awaited sequel to Army Of Darkness and his upcoming project with Bruce Campbell.
Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 4 and Evil Dead Remake
Raimi talks about his latest projects and the rumors surrounding them.
Evil Dead: The Musical Coming to Theaters in 3D
Producer Don Carmody is working with Sam Raimi to adapt the stage play for the screen.
EXCLUSIVE: Wes Bentley on The Evil Dead Remake!
The P2 actor discusses the possibilities of playing Ash!
Bruce Campbell Talks About the Evil Dead Remake
"We don't really talk about [another] sequel too much 'cause Sam is too busy right now..."
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