Fast Five Review

“The Family Reunites For A Brazillian Heist! :)”

October 14th, 2011

Once a Cop now a fugitive, Brian O Connor teams up with the Torretos and knowing that they are on top of the wanted list and they are chased by a man who never misses his target and knowing that al Hobbs will stop at nothing in bringing them back so Dom plans to go for one final job before going on their separate ways. It's one hell of a Job and Dom knows the right people who're up to it!

There's no need of introducing the cast..Vin, Paul and Jordana have once again joined the franchise they're performances were better than in Fast and Furious 4. The entire cast from previous flicks also became a part of it so yes Tyrese, Gal, Ludacris along with others also did a better job in this one than the prequels which they were in. Dwayne Johnson is the new man to be a part of F&F franchise and Rocky did a good job as Al Hobbs and boy did he get in shape I thought Vin Diesel was totally gonna get owned! :D The entire cast was good for the 5th sequel.

Justin Lin came back for the direction and comparing his direction with his previous parts, I believe he did a better job with Fast Five. He added more action and a better cast and indeed a better location to this instalment. ;) The Story was okay as it was already expected what was lying ahead but I guess the action got a bit too much at some points but nonetheless it was cool to say the least! :)

Chris Morgan and Gary Thompson did the writing they did bring a good extension to it. Though most of the plot was expected but I would say that reuniting the entire cast was something that was a surprise so the credit really goes out to the cast selection!

Summing it up.... More fuel Pumping action and more surprises come in Fast Five...The Franchise is still fresh and there is a surprise as the credits roll out..Aah Shaks...Now You Guys would definitely go for it! :D

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